New Alan Wake 2 title sequence sparks calls for TV adaptation

New Alan Wake 2 title sequence sparks calls for TV adaptation
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2nd Jan 2024 13:04

Alan Wake 2 has been out for a few months now, but even now, the mysteries and folding narrative of the game is perplexing fans. The game got a lot of critical love for its bizarre and freeing story structure, and it has truly earned the moniker of one of Remedy’s very best titles.

Still, there’s still plenty left to uncover beyond even the game’s Final Draft New Game+ mode, and fans are wondering what could come next in Remedy’s in-game universe tying the works of Alan Wake to the Federal Bureau of Control.

And a new fan project has shown fans exactly what they want to see next.

Fan-made Alan Wake TV intro is incredible

One fan has created an incredible TV opening credits sequence using footage from Alan Wake 2, and it has quickly convinced fans that they’re desperate for a full adaptation on the small screen.

YouTuber NV created the video, and it shows off an incredibly impressive montage of live-action footage, gameplay and artistic screenshots to give the effect of opening credits, all set on the backdrop of Old Gods of Asgard’s in-game anthem Dark Ocean Summoning.

The video is incredibly impressive, and the frenetic editing does a great job of capturing the chaotic and dark atmosphere of the game. But now, fans want more.

Fans demand Alan Wake TV adaptation

Alan Wake watches footage of himself on a projector in Alan Wake 2.
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Fans have taken to the comments of the video to praise its creator, but more importantly, demand that Remedy take notes and take Alan Wake all the way into live-action.

This would be so awesome for a TV show of Alan Wake,” reads one comment. “Every episode showing a supernatural case and dealing with the mystery of The Dark Place. Would be so awesome to see.

How is this not a TV show yet?” asks another.

It’s clear that fans are loving the edit - and it’s further proof that Remedy could easily take their works all the way into live-action. Then we’d just have to get around the ADR issues, and Alan Wake is as good as a TV icon.

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