CoD players think they know the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta release date

CoD players think they know the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta release date
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Tom Chapman


18th Sep 2023 14:27

The dead are rising from the ground, as Treyarch puts another Call of Duty Zombies campaign in its crosshairs. Although Sledgehammer Games is taking the lead on Modern Warfare 3, that hasn't stopped the Zombies staple studio from lurking in the shadows when it comes to CoD 2023. 

Although Modern Warfare 2 was sadly missing out on Zombies content, Treyarch is poised to more than make up for it in MW3. Promising an open-world take on the classic Zombies formula, it will undoubtedly be our biggest battle yet against hordes of the undead.

Does the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta have a release date?

We recently heard rumours of a Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta to give us a taste of that rotting flesh early, but as we head toward the main game's November 8 release, we're running out of time to roadtest Zombies before it's supposed to be fully unveiled. 

As Call of Duty betas have usually focused on multiplayer instead of Campaign, the arrival of a Zombies beta would be a franchise first. Trusted leaker @HeyImAlaix gave a cryptic tease of the Zombies beta but hasn't given it a release date. Thankfully, there's a big reveal just around the corner.

The CoD Next showcase is coming on October 5 and gives our first official at Zombies. Putting two and two together, there are whispers that the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta could release the same day. It would definitely be one way to lure players in early. Also, it gives the devs enough time to iron out any kinks. 

What do we know about Modern Warfare 3 Zombies?

Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak
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Thankfully, Activision has given us plenty of information about what's to come from Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. MW3's Zombies is expected to build on the mode from Black Ops Cold War, with this year's outing expanding on the DMZ-inspired Outbreak. 

The various Zombies storylines are pretty convoluted, with Ultimis and Dark Aether making it all pretty confusing. Fresh leaks claim we'll see the return of the villainous Dr. Edward Richtofen, while some sort of collaboration with Warzone also seems likely. 

There had been plenty of whispers that Treyarch would release a standalone Zombies, and even though it hasn't come true yet, it's clear that Activision is finally realising the money-making potential of Zombies. To be honest, mixing those shambling deados and Task Force 141 sounds like a licence to print money. 

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