MW3 Rust Deployable Cover strategy is 'hilarious' & 'evil'

MW3 Rust Deployable Cover strategy is 'hilarious' & 'evil'
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Alex Garton


29th Nov 2023 11:50

Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 (2009) had plenty of iconic maps like Terminal and Highrise, but none quite match the reputation of the chaotic Rust map.

Now it's back in remastered form with Modern Warfare 3, the community is divided into the outright chaos that the location provides.

As far as tactics go, most competitors just pick their favourite weapon and attempt to be as aggressive as possible.

Well, one MW3 player may have found the smartest Rust trick to date involving Deployable Cover, and it's both "hilarious" and "evil" at the same time.

Rust Deployable Cover strategy is extremely smart in MW3

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user jonnyvue has found a Rust map strategy that is guaranteed to frustrate your foes.

To stop certain rotations, they decided to block the crawl spaces with Deployable Cover, effectively forcing enemies to take another route.

This is also a brilliant way of setting up a power position, as it prevents anyone from flanking you from behind while you're holding down the room with the ladder in the centre of the map.

It's safe to say the community is impressed, labelling the tactic as both "evil" and "hilarious" at the same time. With Rust gameplay giving competitors no time to breathe, a blocked entrance could easily result in their death. 

Some MW3 players are already tired of chaotic Rust map

Skull Modern Warfare 3
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Not everyone is enjoying Rust, with some players revealing that they've already given up on the map as they just don't find it fun to die over and over again.

"I gave up on Rust, it's just not fun at all for me, sweats head glitching on all ledges and corners, spawn killing and spawn traps, or just people going prone shooting into spawns."

Rust has always been a love-it-or-hate-it map, and that hasn't changed in Modern Warfare 3. For some, it's the ultimate battleground for racking up kills and for others, it's a roundabout of nonstop frustration.

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