MW3 players slam ‘stupid’ and absurdly 'OP' Riot Shields

MW3 players slam ‘stupid’ and absurdly 'OP' Riot Shields
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Alex Garton


30th Nov 2023 16:00

The meta for Sledgehammer Games' Modern Warfare 3 has finally taken shape, with weapons like the Holger 556, Striker, and BAS-B standing out as the strongest options.

While most players are looking to refine their loadouts with different attachments, there is a select set of competitors who prefer to do things a little differently.

Instead of using a gun, their weapon of choice is the iconic Riot Shield, capable of blocking all damage and causing an unbelievable amount of frustration for foes.

Well, a large portion of the community has had enough of "ridiculous" Riot Shields and claims the devs need to step in with nerfs, arguing they're becoming too "OP" in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 fans demand Riot Shield nerfs

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user DMarvelous4L makes it clear that from their perspective, Riot Shield users "shouldn't be able to run at full speed," and the "Covert Sneakers perk should not work" with them either.

In their opinion, the biggest issue with Riot Shields is the overwhelming amount of protection they offer, even when they're on a player's back. This extra level of defence is "ridiculous," and for them, it's about time the devs stepped in and nerfed the melee weapon.

This complaint is echoed throughout the thread, with players arguing there is "ZERO penalty for running a shield in a game that increased the TTK," and as a result, they're being abused nonstop by the community, especially in Search and Destroy.

It's got so bad, that competitors are claiming that having a Riot Shield on your back gives you "literal god mode." This has all culminated in some players asking whether they should even be in the game.

Some MW3 players want Riot Shields completely scrapped

Riot shield protecting Operators MW3
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This has been a step too far for some members of the community who now think the era of the Riot Shield should finally come to an end. Its "OP" presence in MW3 is ruining matches for some players, so in their opinion, it's about time they're scrapped.

"Riot shields I’ve come to finally realize are OP af, for me, I always felt they had a place till now in MW3," said one user, with another arguing, "Just stop putting that trash in the game."

The problem for Riot Shield haters is that the weapon is so iconic, it's unlikely ever to be removed. It's become such a staple in CoD, and some competitors love the slow playstyle.

So, while it's almost guaranteed to remain in MW3, the question remains about whether Treyarch is paying attention and whether it'll consider leaving the Riot Shield out of the next game?

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