MW3 players flame 'atrocious' iron sights that force you to use optics

MW3 players flame 'atrocious' iron sights that force you to use optics
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Alex Garton


27th Nov 2023 12:20

In Modern Warfare 3, you only get five attachment slots when building out your weapon, so every choice is extremely important.

As a result, players often prefer to ignore the optic slot, especially on close-range weapons, as the other options offer more benefits to the TTK or stability.

Unfortunately, a lot of the community feels forced into running a scope in MW3 on almost all weapons in the arsenal.

According to them, this is because the iron sights are "atrocious" and make it impossible to land your shots on target.

MW3 fans hate 'awful' iron sights in multiplayer

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user ATurtleMelon has sparked a discussion about the iron sights in MW3 that in their opinion are "awful" and seem to "block your vision."

As a result, they feel the need to run a sight on "pretty much every gun" as they're just too "awkward" to use in skirmishes. This isn't an isolated complaint, with a huge portion of the community chiming in to voice their frustrations with iron sights.

"They are absolutely atrocious, the visibility on them is virtually non-existent," said one user, with another arguing "Honestly first cod in a long time where I've felt sights of some sort are mandatory."

Feeling the need to run a sight on all your weapons takes away from the customisation options and potentially results in guns having less stability, as well as slower TTK.

Modern Warfare 3 players claim Tac-Stance is a great alternative

Tac stance skull Operator MW3
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As a solution, some MW3 competitors have found themselves using tac-stance a lot more in close-quarter combat.

For those who are unaware, tac-stance is a middle-ground between hip-fire and aiming down sight where you tilt your weapon to the side. It automatically occurs when you slide and shoot, but can also be manually activated.

"The only time I run iron sights is if I’m building a gun for tac stance, which it is surprisingly good against movement demons."

So, if the iron sights are becoming a problem for you at close quarters and you're tired of being mowed down by movement players, it could be the time to test out tac-stance.

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