MW3 player finds ultimate strategy for farming camo challenge kills

MW3 player finds ultimate strategy for farming camo challenge kills
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Alex Garton


4th Dec 2023 17:20

There are some absolutely amazing camos to collect in Modern Warfare 3, but getting your hands on them is no easy task.

You have to be willing to grind, and while some of the challenges are easy, others are unbelievably frustrating to complete.

One objective causing a lot of issues is obtaining bullet penetration kills, as it's not exactly easy to eliminate enemies through walls or terrain regularly.

Well, a genius MW3 player seems to have found the solution, with a strategy on Shipment that makes getting penetration kills a walk in the park.

MW3 fan finds a genius way to complete camo challenge

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user jonnyvue decided to share the most "efficient way" to "farm Penetration Kills for LMGs."

The inventive strategy involves playing the Shipment map on Hardcore and abusing the spawns with an LMG equipped with armour-piercing rounds.

Immediately after loading into a match, you can spray through the containers to directly hit the enemy spawn. This results in countless easy kills and also means you can complete the challenge extremely quickly.

While labelled as "disgusting," the community were also quick to praise the effective strategy, claiming they "love" the idea and are going to use it. As it's basically spawn-killing opponents, it'll be interesting to see if Sledgehammer steps in to stop it from happening.

What's the best MW3 weapon to use for bullet penetration challenge?

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According to the expert Jonnyvue, any LMG will do the trick, it just needs to have Armour Piercing Rounds to puncture the containers around the map.

On top of that, a suppressor is helpful to hide your position on the minimap, and finally, a 200-round mag is brilliant as it just means you can hold down the trigger and watch the kills roll in.

The most important step is definitely playing Hardcore, though, as the TTK in standard modes is just too slow for you to get any penetration kills. So, if this camo challenge is causing you issues, this is undoubtedly the ultimate solution.

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