MW3 leaks claim a new Krampus is coming to Warzone for Christmas

MW3 leaks claim a new Krampus is coming to Warzone for Christmas

Written by 

Jack Marsh


28th Nov 2023 17:28

It looks like it is Christmas with the Kramps this year, as your holiday season is about to arrive with some rather s**tty presents.

As Call of Duty prepares to deck the halls with holiday decorations, Activision appears to still be stuck with some Halloween fever, and following the success of the ghouls and fiends, another beast is on its way.

Ready to steal Christmas is Krampus, or something like Krampus, as the cranky old creature is apparently coming to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

A new Krampus looks set to come to Warzone

It's been two years since we had Krampus in Call of Duty, and that doesn't seem long enough, as the crazed beast was ridiculed for ruining multiplayer games by beating people down off the Hardpoint or smashing the face of players looking to move around the map. 

But, according to dataminers in a report corroborated by Modern Warzone, a new variant of Krampus is set to come.

The datamine claims a "Zombie Santa" is on its way, and it "will attack players and is able to be killed."

MW3 fans are already fearing the Zombie Santa

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Modern Warfare 3, despite its car crash opening week, has actually started to make franchise records for player retention and activity. But that might change when Krampus 2 arrives.

"Sounds like an excellent time for a break from the game," said one fan.

"I’ve just now decided to not play the game at all if Krampus comes back," added content creator "Westie".

Personally, I hope it's the Grinch. Who wouldn't want Jim Carey's green furry fellow running after them trying to ruin Christmas and CoD? Well, yeah no one, but you can polish a turd.

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