MW3 has stolen a genius Counter-Strike flash grenade feature

MW3 has stolen a genius Counter-Strike flash grenade feature

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Jack Marsh


11th Oct 2023 17:33

It's not very often that Call of Duty makes changes to its absolute fundamentals, but heading into Modern Warfare 3, one stalwart piece of kit is being run through the lab.

For as long as players can remember, flashbangs have been straightforward. You throw, it lands, it blinds. Simples.

But not anymore. Modern Warfare 3 is stealing Counter-Strike's flashbang system, and it's changing the game forever.

CS:GO's flashbang system added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Usually, when you use a flashbang, you throw it into an empty space and hope that it blinds whoever is there, regardless of whether they are guarding your line of sight or another, and anyone in the vicinity will get a flash of light across their screen - or dark thanks to the new settings.

But now, flashbangs will only work on enemies that are looking at it.

This system, deriving from Counter-Strike, means if your flashbang goes behind an enemy, it will not affect them aside from the noise.

Modern Warfare 3 fans are loving the new flashbang counter

The best part about this new feature is that you can now actively counter a flashbang if you see it coming.

If your sensitivity is high enough or reaction time snappy enough, you can effectively "flick" a flashbang (turn away and have it take no effect).

"You can flick flashes in cod!???? I’m loving the sound of mw3 more and more," said one fan, happy that this workaround has been added.

"GOOD, every game should be like this it adds more skill to the game," another added.

Mainly, this will come into play for multiplayer, but it will also work for Warzone.

It's also not yet known if stuns do the same thing, and it could be quite definitive of which equipment you carry depending on the answer.

Nonetheless, this is a cool change for Call of Duty, and it looks like fans are hyped too.

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