MW3 has a new Tyrant and fans are demanding it is 'deleted'

MW3 has a new Tyrant and fans are demanding it is 'deleted'
Image via Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


20th Feb 2024 17:35

As far as Limited-Time Game Modes go in Call of Duty, the Snipers Only category that comes around once or twice a year is by far one of the most popular, beating out the cheesier Supe'd Up mode

However, after adding the playlist to Modern Warfare 3, the Snipers Only mode has only caused more problems than it solved for those players who love to add to their quickscope montages, as there is a new tyrant on the loose. Literally.

The Snipers Only playlist has been taken over by the new JAK Tyrant 762 Aftermarket Kit, and it's dominating everything else.

New JAK Tyrant kit is causing havoc on Snipers Only LTM

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The JAK Tyrant 762 kit has offered up a new Longbow build that takes us back down memory lane to the old BO2 Ballista, stripping the sniper back to its iron sights and pumping it full of quick-fire rounds.

Yet that doesn't make for much fun in a Snipers Only playlist, of which it is currently "ruining".

"The ratio of people using [the Tyrant] to an actual sniper is unreal," pointed out one Redditor, who took to the platform to begin a petition to have the Longbow removed from Snipers Only.

"Why give us what is in my opinion the best thing that's been done to this game to ruin it with this bs? Why not just call it longbows only?" they continued.

"If you try to use an actual sniper you just get wrecked by people shooting at 5x the rate with a longbow with red dot sight."

MW3 players call for Longbow deletion amid JAK Tyrant kit

Now, players are calling for the Longbow to be removed from the playlist, with one player saying, "Petition to remove longbow from snipers only."

Others have gone one step further and called for its removal from the game altogether, not just the LTM.

"Petition to remove longbow" sounds better," one fan added.

"Idk how the devs think the Longbow belongs in the sniper category to begin with. So goofy," added another fan, who insinuated that the gun is more of a Marksman Rifle than a Sniper.

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There's not much chance of Sledgehammer Games taking away a whole weapon though, considering a Longbow blueprint was a part of the pre-order bonuses and has released a number of skins, and other players would soon take up arms against the devs if their purchases were to be stripped out of the game.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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