MW3 fans want more content added to half-cooked 10v10 mode

MW3 fans want more content added to half-cooked 10v10 mode
Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


29th Nov 2023 17:37

There's still a huge section of the Call of Duty community who holds Vanguard quite close to their hearts. Not because the game was especially great, but rather because of the game Combat Pacing which allowed for greater team sizes in lobbies as per your own preference.

With the likes of Blitz creating 12v12 and 16v16 lobbies on usual 6v6 maps, fans loved having so many enemies to unload their lead towards, while the real competitive die-hards could scale backwards towards the 4v4 Ranked playlist.

Now, Modern Warfare 3 has leaned into this a teeny tiny bit by adding the 10v10 Moshpit, but this has only whet the appetite of this community.

Modern Warfare 3's 10v10 Moshpit is going down a treat

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Having only been in rotation for a handful of days, players have been taking to Reddit to praise the mode, and one fan has even started a request for some additional 10v10 action.

"As someone who used to play 9v9 ground war almost exclusively back in the OG MW2 days I’ve really been enjoying the 10v10 playlist," said the Redditor.

Others agreed with this sentiment, liking the change of pace which allows for more confrontation on those maps where sometimes it is easy to get lost looking for enemies.

Call of Duty fans want more 10v10 action in MW3


But even though the Moshpit is going down well, there's still a lot to be yearned for and now players are calling on the likes of Afghan and Quarry to be added, given that they are rather large.

"All the extra chaos that comes with it but leaving out maps like Afghan, Favela, Scrapyard etc almost feels criminal haha," the Redditor added.

Many other fans chimed in on this too.

"Afghan and Quarry should be in there for sure," one added.

Others also asked for a Hardcore mode, which has become quite a haven for those on the camo grind, as it makes Tac-Stance kills and one-mag triple kills much easier.

Sledgehammer Games will likely have something up its sleeve for the future, given its impressive tackling of the live service model so far, but maybe more 10v10 action might now be moving up in the priority list.

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