MW3 fans hate 'brainless' Shotgun attachment that's blatantly OP

MW3 fans hate 'brainless' Shotgun attachment that's blatantly OP
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Alex Garton

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1st Apr 2024 14:42

Shotguns are by far the most divisive weapons in the Call of Duty franchise, as blasting an enemy to death in milliseconds is fun, but it's a little less entertaining if you're on the receiving end.

As a result, the category is a nightmare to balance as they either seem to be extremely OP or completely unusable - there's no in-between.

Their power is even harder to adjust when you take into account smaller maps on Modern Warfare 3, where shotguns are room-clearing machines.

Well, one shotgun has risen above the rest recently in the form of the Haymaker, as the Aftermarket Part effectively turns the gun into a hand cannon with a ridiculous fire rate. For a lot of CoD fans, it's become a "brainless" weapon that shouldn't be allowed in multiplayer.

MW3 fans claim JAK Maglift is "broken" at close-quarters

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, RedEyesGoldDragon decided to offer their share their opinion on the Jak Maglift Kit Aftermarket Part for the Haymaker. From their perspective, it makes the shotgun completely "brainless" as it takes no skill to use and it's "sleep-inducing" when you get mowed down by it in MW3.

Others agree, claiming "when one person it out the whole lobby follows" and it results in a "toxic" match where you get repeatedly one-shot over and over.

While it's borderline useless at long-range and on bigger maps, in enclosed spaces it absolutely "wrecks" enemies and offers almost zero counterplay.

Countless competitors in the thread also mentioned Hardcore, where the health bars disappear in an instant, so adding this shotgun to the mix results in a bloodbath.

MW3 players claim Haymaker makes Das Haus "virtually unplayable"

Haymaker inspect MW3
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So, which maps does the Haymaker with the JAK Maglift shine the best? Well, you won't be surprised to learn it's a menace on Shipment and according to players, it makes Das Haus "virtually unplayable" if you're not using it.

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Anywhere with no long sightlines is going to be a playground for this shotgun as there's almost no way to beat it in face-to-face combat.

While the weapon "takes no skill" in the eyes of a lot of competitors, it's a no-brainer if you're struggling to rack up eliminations at close quarters.

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