MW3 confirms it's testing 'non-disbanding lobbies' & players are over the moon

MW3 confirms it's testing 'non-disbanding lobbies' & players are over the moon
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Alex Garton


21st Nov 2023 17:10

Back in the golden era of Call of Duty, lobbies would stay together after a match, whether you won or lost in multiplayer.

This gave players a chance to create rivalries and, most importantly, get revenge on an opponent that had just gotten the better of them.

Due to quickplay, this system was removed, and the community has been clamouring for the devs to bring it back. Well, Sledgehammer has finally addressed the topic for MW3, and there's some good news for CoD fans everywhere.

Modern Warfare 3 may be finally getting 'non-disbanding lobbies'

As showcased by popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, Sledgehammer revealed during a Reddit AMA that it's considering the idea of bringing back non-disbanding lobbies.

In an exciting announcement, it revealed it's "testing non-disbanding lobbies with a cohort of players to determine the performance of such a change." If these "tests go well," it'll explore the possibility of rolling out the feature to everyone in the community and multiplayer as a whole.

It's clear the devs are concerned that bringing back this system may affect the balance of certain matches. However, for players, this is something they're desperate to see return, and in their opinion, it's likely to improve the MW3 gameplay experience.

MW3 can't believe Sledgehammer are 'actually listening'

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As you would expect, the MW3 community is over the moon about the news and can't believe Sledgehammer is "actually listening" to feedback. For them, this is a major win for the studio, which is quickly establishing itself as the "GOAT" CoD developer out of the bunch.

"I remember the days when you could literally learn a player's style going against/playing with them 2-4 matches in a row," said one user, with another arguing, "SHG and Raven have rapidly turned into the two best CoD-related studios on the back on their stellar community communication."

Of course, it's worth noting this feature is only being tested for now, so MW3 players will have to keep their fingers crossed it makes the cut.

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