Find out which Champions were being banned the most during Worlds 2020.

13:27, 02 Nov 2020

The League of Legends World Championships have been drawn to a close, and after a year of slugging it through the regionals, group stages, playoffs, and eventually the grand finals, DAMWON Gaming was crowned as the best in the world.

The LCK side fended off competition from Suning Esports, a side that welcomed the underdog status to push DAMWON to their limits in a thrilling series. The champions came out 3-1 victors, taking home the World Championship trophy.

When it comes to their dominant performances, many have singled out their team cohesion and decision making as their most impressive attribute, which comes on and off Summoners Rift. In-game, it's all about split-second choices and capitalising on slight mistakes, but pre-game, the champion select stages are the most calculated cohesive choice the team has to make, and they nailed it every single time. 

The champion selecting stage makes for interesting match-ups in each lane, with different team compositions affecting the playstyle in-game. With this, Oracle's Elixir has produced statistics on each legend pick, and it makes for some interesting reading.

Who was the most picked champion at Worlds 2020?

Graves topped the charts for the most picked Champion in Worlds 2020. The Marksman was chosen by junglers in 68% of games throughout the tournament, making an appearance in 52 matches. The Outlaw was selected by the likes of Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu and Lê "SofM" Quang Duy, and contributed to over 430 kills or assists over the period of the championships. Graves was banned for 24% of games too, in an attempt to stop him running riot.


The Top 5 Most Picked Champions Were:

  • Graves - Jungle - 68.4%
  • Ashe - ADC - 42.1%
  • Jhin - ADC - 40.8%
  • Senna - ADC - 39.5%
  • Ornn - Top Lane - 38.2%

The ADC category predominantly used these three champions on rotation, with Ezreal also proving an option too. Support mains and middle-laners were much more scattered, but Leona (31.6%) and Orianna (36.8%) were the most selected in these departments, respectively. 

Who was the most banned champion at Worlds 2020?

Most teams feared the mighty Lucian, with the physical ranger being banned in 79% of games. He also topped the charts for the banned/picked charts, being either banned or selected in 93% of matches. Only 13% of games graced us with his Lightslinger, as many opted to not allow the marksmen to run ragged throughout the Middle lane or as an ADC. When selected, Lucier was only successful on 60% of matches too, indicating that when he wasn't banned, many players picked champions that would counter his abilities.


The Top 5 Banned Champions Were:

  • Lucian - Middle/ADC - 78.9%
  • Nidalee - Jungle - 63.2%
  • Twisted Fate - Middle - 60.5%
  • Camille - Top - 55.3%
  • Syndra - Middle - 52.6%

Most teams opted to ban support Champions that were favourable to each player, with Sett being the most banned support (30.3%), possibly due to her capability in other roles. Lucian led the way by a huge 15% margin, suggesting that he is the most dangerous champion on the rift.

Misclennious Stats

Nine Champions had a 100% win rate throughout Worlds 2020, although only three of these were played with more than once. Gnar, Maokai, Nocturne, Rengar, Singed, and Vayne were selected just once in roles that saw them have a 100% win rate, whilst Sylas, Sett, and Kennen maintained 100% records in certain roles over multiple games.


Three champions were never picked in Worlds 2020. Morgana, Swain, and Yuumi have the unfortunate accolade of having not featured in a single match of League of Legends at the pinnacle event. 

Alongside being the most picked Champion, Graves was also the deadliest, raking in 180 kills and 256 kills, averaging a 3.1 kill-and-assist-to-death ratio. The highest KDA rate fell to Sett who notched up nine kills and 22 assists whilst only being killed once in the three games she was selected to play as a middle-lane Champion. 


The Champion pool was pivotal to the success of teams in the World Championship, so if you're looking to get involved in League of Legends too, we suggest the bloodthirsty bunch to get ahold of either Graves or Lucian.




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