Faker’s Hall of Fame bundle is here, but its extortionate price is putting LoL players off

Faker’s Hall of Fame bundle is here, but its extortionate price is putting LoL players off
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Jack Marsh


29th May 2024 16:08

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok deserves to be immortalised not only in League of Legends history but in the entirety of esports.

As one of the best players to ever grace the industry (held in that regard despite immeasurable cross-title variants), Faker's dynasty is one that is known in all corners of esports.

And he's now getting a befitting honour in League of Legends, as he becomes the inaugural inductee to the Hall of Legends.

But this status has been tainted, as Riot Games has announced an extortionate price for the Signature Ahri bundle.

Faker's Hall of Legends bundle comes with a massive fee

As Faker opens the doors for the Hall of Legends, deservedly taking the first place on the Pantheon podium to cement his god-like status, Riot Games is allowing players to celebrate alongside the four-time Worlds winner by releasing a bundle with his signature attached.

The bundle will include a range of in-game cosmetics that have been signed by Faker's digital print and will include a new skin for Ahri (Faker's favourite champion of all time).

But it'll cost you $500.

Well, there are three variants to the Ahri skin: Risen, Immortalized, and Signature. Each variant gets increasingly regal with each upgrade.

The basic Risen bundle is priced at around $40 (5430 RP), which doesn't seem too bad considering the heights of some bundles.

But from there on, you better start apologising to your wallet.

At nearly seven times the price comes the Immortalized skin, worth approximately $300 (32,430 RP).

Then, there's the pièce de résistance, the Signature bundle. For the ultimate Ahri skin, some other signed cosmetics, and 100 Tiers on the recent Pass, you'll have to fork out $500, as it comes to the store for 59,260 RP. Wow.

League of Legends fans horrified by Faker's Signature Collection bundle price

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To nobody's surprise, players have slammed the price on social media.

Taking to Reddit, one player said, "I had to go look, then check the store, then go look again, then check the store again, and I'm still not completely sure this is actually real. I hope zero people buy the skins."

Another echoed this, adding, "For that kind of money I almost expect Faker himself to deliver me a code to the bundle."

Others even pointed out how Faker notoriously doesn't use skins when playing League of Legends and sticks to the default character appearances.

"Let's celebrate the face of our esport (who famously doesn't even spend money on skins) by absolutely overcharging the fuck out of his event skins. What the hell Riot," a third fan added.

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Faker's inductee skin is the most-expensive bundle ever in League of Legends, and sets a precedent for every other Hall of Legends bundle in the future, which will be released annually. 

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