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11:40, 31 Oct 2020

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 is coming to an end, and after an incredible (and record-breaking) tournament, it all comes down to this - DAMWON Gaming and Suning will face off on October 31.

The best League teams from all around the world faced off against each other for the prestigious World Championship, immortalising themselves in League of Legends history.

With a scaling prize pool depending on the number of championship skins being bought (of which 25% go directly towards the teams), the overall amount will likely surpass $5,000,000 (~£4,000,000). In total 22 teams from eleven regions will be competing at the World Championship.

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Check out the everything you need from the Worlds 2020 Finals below, including all the info on schedules, teams, game recaps, and more! The Finals are a Best-Of-Five format.

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10am BST / 5am EST - DAMWON Gaming vs Suning (Best of 5)








Game 1 (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION - 3/5 - A nice back and forth but DWG were better)

A relatively tame first nine minutes of game one to start the World Finals reigned with DWG getting the first dragon of the game and SN getting the first Rift Herald. First Blood came in at 10:30 after a Lê "SofM" Quang Duy gank onto Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon — DWG responded with second dragon take. Four minutes later, DWG responded to that First Blood in kind by after Nuguri teleported bottom lane, getting a kill onto Hu “SwordArt” Shyo-Chieh. Apart from this action, not much happened as DWG slowly got themselves at Soul point. 


With Soul point in hand at the 21-minute mark, DWG played a better team fight as they stayed grouped while SN attempted their best to get an early pick onto Cho “Beryl” Geon-hee. SN’s split team fighting had SwordArt and Xiang “Angel” Tao flanking but took too long. DWG take the fight and get the Infernal Soul. Six minutes past this at the Elder dragon, DWG get another pick onto SwordArt with Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin trying to salvage something back. This Bin play allowed for SN to take the Elder dragon away from DWG — it ends in a four for two in favour of DWG. 

Heo “ShowMaker” Su later kills Tang “huanfeng” Huan-Feng in the mid lane — removing the final Elder dragon buff from SN. With a good dragon lead, at 34:26 once again, DWG delete SwordArt as he’s looking to ward Baron because DWG were on it. With a bit of resistance from SN, DWG get the Baron and get out unscathed. Immediately after that, DWG rush down the Elder as SN weren’t able to get to it in time — once again killing SwordArt after they chase him. 

With a bit of resistance from SN and a back and forth DWG take their time. later at 42:30, DWG bait Baron, get a pick onto SofM and later end the game through top lane.

Game 2 (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION - 4/5 - Bin takes out the trash with his game ending Pentakill)

DWG sat quite comfortably to start game two, having a two thousand gold lead after First Blood from Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu at 12:19 and five turret plates — SN got the first two dragons. A big team fight win for SN at the Herald, closing the gold gap a bit. SN burst down the Herald and get an immediate deletion onto Canyon. DWG respond with a trade, SN responds with a trade of their own and it ends in a three for two in favour of SN. At around the 18-minute mark, SN get themselves at Soul point and try for an engage onto ShowMaker with SofM’s Rengar but they couldn’t quite finish him off due to his Hexdrinker. 

At 21:28 SofM and Angel find a pick onto ShowMaker by the Baron pit. This prompts DWG to engage onto SN in the mid lane, killing huanfeng, apart from this it was a close team fight — Nuguri’s Ornn held the rest of SN back keeping it at a one for one trade in the end. 23:30 dragon fight, SwordArt becomes the sacrificial lamb and allows DWG to get the first dragon for themselves, delaying SN’s soul. After this, DWG immediately transition to Baron and SN go to contest — it ends in a two for two and SN crucially stop the Baron take. 


At 25:50, ShowMaker in the bottom lane begins a teleport to the mid lane but Bin is there to immediately delete him before he completes it. Right after this, a skirmish breaks out and it ends in a one for one. SN commit to a fight in the mid lane at 28:50, going full blast onto DWG under their mid-tier one tower — it ends in a three for two in favour of SN. SN immediately go for the Soul, with the remaining two members and rush it down. With DWG contesting, SN’s Soul buff allows them to turn around the three versus two with later having Angel teleport in and ShowMaker showing up — SN also get Baron. 


With Baron buff in hand, SN begin to raze DWG’s base, taking the mid inhibitor while having Bin on the Fiora split pushing. Both teams reset and meet in the mid lane where SN engage onto DWG at the 34-minute giving Bin a Pentakill and winning the game.

Game 3 (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION - 3/5 - This time around, DWG threw out the trash bin)

DWG started game three by punishing the top side of the map — camping Bin and constantly pressuring him. It first started with a First Blood from Canyon onto Bin, with clever pathing, Canyon ran up the top lane and ran down Bin. This later continued with Nuguri jumping onto Bin, getting him low with Canyon finishing him off with a Graves ultimate over the wall at 8:28 — this gave DWG first Herald. SN wasn’t gonna stay passive though, SwordArt roamed top helping Bin kill Nuguri, this allowed for DWG to trade for a second dragon.

In the first “skirmish” of the game, DWG utilize the Herald in the mid lane at around the 11-minute mark, they get a charge and it ends in a one for one. A minute later, Angel teleports behind Nuguri, ShowMaker matches and nothing happens. SN later looked for a play in the top lane but had it reversed on them, losing Bin. After that it was just multiple tower takes for DWG. At this point in the game at 17 minutes, DWG have a four to five thousand gold lead and a two tower lead — they have firm control over the map. 

DWG get a pick onto Bin in the top lane prior to the fourth dragon, this allows for DWG to teleport to the pit with ShowMaker and secure the Cloud Soul. At 22 minutes, DWG find a pick onto SofM and immediately turn onto Baron. SN contest with amazing plays from Angel, killing four and starting Baron. With Baron being damaged SN jump over the wall and finish off the remaining DWG member in Nuguri — finishing the ace and getting the Baron.


DWG find a fight in the mid lane at 25:30, instantly deleting huanfeng with bullets from the Jhin ultimate and a Nuguri ultimate; SN come back up and find a trade onto Canyon. 27:40 fight by Elder dragon, DWG get a pick onto Bin and end up with the Elder stays alive. A closely contested team fight goes into the hands of DWG, getting two kills but SN get the Elder dragon at 29 minutes. 

With everything on the line, at 31 minutes SN start the Baron. DWG not wanting to concede it, buy time for themselves allowing for the Elder dragon buff that SN have to run out. Nuguri finds a pick onto SwortArt at 33:40, they immediately transition to Baron — Angel also tried for an assignation in the mid lane but didn’t get it. While DWG burst down the Baron, SN jump in but can’t get much as it ends in a three for one in favour of DWG. This allows DWG to end the game. 

Game 4 (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION - 3/5 - THE DWG that was expected to show up finally shows up)

DWG were in proper form as they came out the gates swinging with a First Blood at five minutes onto huanfeng with a play in the bottom lane. This got explosive as later DWG found two more picks by SN’s blue buff. With that happening and DWG getting dragon, DWG had a chokehold on the game. After this it was just all DWG all the time, they never let up. At 19:20 try their hand at getting back in the game with a play in the bottom lane of diving ShowMaker but the rest of DWG were there and turned it around. 

It was just a massacre from start to finish until at a critical point where DWG find a pick onto SofM and at 23:58, SN find a pick onto ShowMaker returning that pick from DWG. But, DWG finish off the rest of SN, leaving only Angel alive — this was the last-ditch effort by SN. This also gets DWG the Baron. Right after both teams have reset, DWG find a pick onto Bin in the bottom side of the map and with Baron buff take the bottom lane inhibitor. With that in mind, DWG finally push for the end, becoming the 2020 World Champions.


And just like that - your LoL Worlds 2020 champion has been decided! - DAMWON Gaming


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