YamatoCannon keeps door open for Karmine Corp return

YamatoCannon keeps door open for Karmine Corp return
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Sascha Heinisch


9th Feb 2024 16:40

Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi has addressed the public after Karmine Corp released him from his duties as the head coach of their League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team.

Despite this decision following a challenging Winter Season, where the team recorded a 2-7 win-loss ratio and missed the playoffs, YamatoCannon expressed his gratitude towards the community and reflected on his tenure, stating that he believes that the organisation is making a mistake.

YamatoCannon's departure and reflection

In a statement on his YouTube channel, YamatoCannon shared his thoughts on being removed from his position. He acknowledged his responsibility for the team's performance but also voiced his belief that the decision to let him go was premature.

"After a very short amount of time, I have been removed from my duties," he said, emphasising that he was caught off guard by the decision. YamatoCannon argued that both he and the team deserved more time to turn things around.

He pointed out his track record of evident progression with teams he had worked with in the past. "In every team that I have worked with, the progression was always very evident throughout the year," he stated, suggesting that a longer tenure could have allowed for significant improvement.

With decent success, the Swedish coach had taken on coaching duties for various teams such as Splyce, Team Vitality, and Fnatic before joining Karmine Corp last year. The season started slow but the team was said to improve throughout the season, though failing to qualify for Winter Season Playoffs.

The former head coach also highlighted the importance of building strong relationships within the team to foster a positive and creative environment. He stressed that such an environment takes time to develop, which he felt he was not afforded.

"In order to get the most out of a group, you need to leverage information, strong lasting relationships, and trust," YamatoCannon explained, advocating for patience in team development.

Commitment to the team's future success

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YamatoCannon, who is on a two-year-long contract with Karmine Corp, remained supportive of the team and its future endeavours. He expressed his belief in the team's potential and his desire for its success. "I am proud to say that we kept the squad intact in very tough times," he remarked.

He also clarified that he harbours no ill feelings and is open to contributing to the team's success in the future if given the opportunity. "I will hold no grudge for the decision and I am ready to come back if further down the line this is what the other management believes will have the team move forward," YamatoCannon conveyed.

He also explained that he maintains good relationships with his former players and staff. Still, YamatoCannon shared that he's not interested in joining other teams at the moment, sending a clear message to the org's management.

In the meantime, YamatoCannon plans to stay connected with the LEC community by co-streaming major leagues and preparing for future opportunities. He assured fans of his continued engagement with the game, indicating that he was not thinking about retirement.

"I'll be co-streaming, I'll be watching the major leagues, but most importantly, I will be making myself ready for the time my team is ready for me," he concluded, leaving the door open for Karmine Corp’s management to reconsider.

Sascha Heinisch
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