With fans demanding to know what's next for Modern Warfare and a potential Season 7, someone at the top of Infinity Ward has promised more content is on the way.

10:00, 24 Nov 2020

There may have been a changing of the guard as Treyarch rolled out the big guns for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but Modern Warfare fans fear not, there's more on the way. Following the divisive reception of Black Ops 4 in 2018, Infinity Ward took the Call of Duty reins for Modern Warfare in 2019 and reinvented the long-running shooter franchise.

One of MW's biggest successes was the introduction of the battle royale Warzone earlier this year - which was perfectly timed for a global pandemic. With Cold War and Modern Warfare sharing very different time periods, there are already worries about how they will merge in the world of Warzone.

When it comes to the base game, Infinity Ward has just dropped a major update that there's more Modern Warfare content coming at some point. Although the details are sketchy - and we don't know what form this will be - rest assured that we aren't done with this world just yet.


Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 7 on the way?

Modern Warfare was an undeniable hit as it ditched the tried and tested CoD formula of DLCs in favour of a season pass system. This has kept the content coming and to the massive overhaul of Season 6. Alongside a slew of new features, there was also "The Haunting of Verdansk" to celebrate Halloween. With Season 6 wrapping up and concerns all eyes are now on Cold War, Infinity Ward is clearing up the rumours. 


Discussing more Modern Warfare content, Infinity Ward Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist Reed Shingledecker confirmed something is on the way, he just doesn't know what. Shingledecker said he didn't know what the official name will be, suggesting it won't be Season 7 in the classic vein of the previous seasons. While this has left gamers scratching their heads, it could work in the form of some sort of supersized event that concludes the story. 


When could we see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 7? 

There's also no timeframe on when we could get more content. Shingledecker's words hardly scream more Modern Warfare content is just around the corner, hinting that there could be a bit of a wait. That being said, with so much going on with Cold War Season 1, the introduction of Nuketown '84, and an upcoming integration with Warzone, it makes sense that we should let the dust settle on everything that's new before returning to Modern Warfare


One date to mark in your diary is December 10. This is important because it's when Season 1 of Cold War will officially kick-off, which could also mark a new era for Modern Warfare. Thankfully, Activision isn't done with Modern Warfare yet. The figures speak for themselves with the game being the best-selling in CoD history and shifting a whopping 30 million copies in its first year. The other big question is, will what's next for Modern Warfare lead to a sequel in 2021? Watch this space. 



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