Two watches have been found to be giving away players positions in Warzone as they can be seen through walls.

12:40, 23 Nov 2020

The Haunting of Verdansk limited-time event has come and gone, leaving players pleasantly satisfied with some spooky cosmetics such as calling cards and the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint for the Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle. 

Should players have worked their way through the 16 Trick or Treat chests whilst playing Warzone, many will now also be able to sport a glowing watch by the name of "Time of the Season", which was located within chests at Dam. The watch has a fluorescent holographic glow, which was an adept reward for being shocked to the core with endless jump scares.

Whilst it looks stunning, players have now discovered a glitch that makes the watch detrimental to your success in Warzone. The glow of the watch can be seen through walls, which allows players to pre-aim your location and know your exact movements.

Reddit user "Khurlauss" revealed just how important the glitch can be, leaving real problems for those who want to win whilst looking stylish.

PSA: Don't wear these watches because they are visible through walls (Strange Magic, Time of the Season) from r/CODWarzone

As you can see from the clip, the glow of the watch is clearly visible through the wall in the Gulag, which resulted in the player knowing the exact location of his opponent and getting the better of him in the 1v1 deathmatch. 


The same glitch also goes for the Season 6 luminous green watch Strange Magic, where the bright holographic will be visible through the face of a wall.

Next time you're beamed through a wall or watch a player targeting your window for the whole kill-cam, it may be best to switch back to a neat and tidy watch that doesn't get you killed.



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Image via Activision

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