Modern Warfare 3 teasers suggest another 'No Russian' mission

Modern Warfare 3 teasers suggest another 'No Russian' mission

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Jack Marsh


7th Aug 2023 14:10

"No Russian" remains the most controversial mission in the entire Call of Duty series and the wider gaming industry, as the campaign player partakes in a public massacre in an airport.

Although the Call of Duty campaigns have earned a reputation for projecting US propaganda, which could only heighten with the upcoming 2024 Iraqi-based title, No Russian always haunts players, even getting Modern Warfare 2 banned in Russia.

But with the evil antagonist Makarov set to return in Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty developers has just teased that another No Russian mission is being made.

Modern Warfare 3 alludes to a 'No Russian' mission

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The Modern Warfare 2 campaign ended with a cutscene that saw Russian operatives have a meal presented to them on a plane which contained weapons rather than food, and saw the unnamed character send a text saying "No Russian". 

Many fans thought this alluded to Makarov coming in some DLCs or in an episode of Raids, but it's now come to light that the Russian Ultranationalist will be the main focus for Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare 3.

But not only will he be a force to be reckoned with, but he might also be up to his brutally worst tricks, as Call of Duty has now sent content creators the same phone that Makarov uses to send the No Russian text in the MW2 cutscene.

Streamers such as Tyler "TeeP" Polchow were sent these phones in a "slide-can-cell" joke that confirmed slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty splashes gifted subscribers to content creators in MW3 No Russian puzzle


TeeP and a range of other streamers were all sent packages that are a token to the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 reveal, and the burner phone was part of an overarching challenge.

Should the streamers complete the challenge, Call of Duty themselves will dish out 250 gifted subscribers (approximately worth $1,250).

Although the Easter egg appears to be some good-spirited fun, the looming hints towards a No Russian-like mission, and could likely cause quite the stir in Modern Warfare 3.

It's likely that any mission will not be as brutal as No Russian, but Activision seems keen to keep the strapline relevant.

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