Modern Warfare 3 set to overhaul perks and re-add Ninja

Modern Warfare 3 set to overhaul perks and re-add Ninja
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Jack Marsh


17th Jul 2023 17:15

Perks are some of your bread-and-butter features when it comes to kitting yourself for a perfect Call of Duty game, with a range of playstyles being achieved from selecting your three boosts.

SMG players will be familiar with the likes of Double Time and Lightweight, while Assualt Rifle mains will be quite accustomed to Scavenger to assist in their spray patterns.

But coming off the back of the controversial Perk accrue system deployed in MW2, Sledgehammer Games is changing things up once again. Heading into Modern Warfare 3, it's been leaked that a new perk system is being made centred around gear/clothes.

Modern Warfare 3 set to rehaul perk system for clothes-based buffs

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According to leaks, Modern Warfare 3 will change the perk system that has become synonymous with Call of Duty and will instead have a range of clothes available to players that will allow for customisation of playstyles.

The new system appears to have boots, pants, jackets, gloves, and helmets, which will all serve as perks to expand how many you can utilise. It should also outline them in an easily digestible manner.

So far, Scavenger Gloves have been leaked as one example, with Overkill and Grenadier (presumably Flak Jacket) vests showing how classic perks are being embedded in.

Ninja set to be re-added as a perk in Modern Warfare 3


Sledgehammer's last project was Vanguard, and it also launched without the infamous Ninja perk (or Dead Silence), which muffles footsteps. However, just a few weeks into its lifetime and the developers opened their ears to the community and released the perk to improve the game vastly.

Now, the team is seemingly learning from its mistakes and hoping to have a better launch. It's been leaked that Ninja will be a returning perk as a boot choice.

The perk has been sorely missed from Modern Warfare 2 and will likely be a huge boost for Call of Duty veterans who have expressed their scepticism for Modern Warfare 3 so far.

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