Modern Warfare 3 leak hints RAM-7 AR is coming in Season 1

Modern Warfare 3 leak hints RAM-7 AR is coming in Season 1
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Alex Garton


30th Nov 2023 17:50

Nothing beats a new weapon in Call of Duty, as it means the hours of experimenting and attachment tweaking can begin.

This is no different in Modern Warfare 3 and with the game's first major update scheduled to arrive with Season 1, players are expecting an expanded arsenal.

The TAQ Eradicator LMG has already been added to Gunsmith out of the blue, but now, there are rumours a classic option is coming back in the next patch.

Instead of creating a whole new weapon, leaks indicate Sledgehammer is taking inspiration from MW2019 for Season 1's gun.

RAM-7 could be coming to MW3 in Season 1

As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account TheMW2Ghost, leaks indicate MW2019 fans will be served well in Season 1.

An image of an Operator holding what appears to be a RAM-7 Assault Rifle has surfaced, and it's speculated the fan-favourite weapon is coming in the major patch on December 6.

This has got fans extremely excited as the gun was known for its high-damage output, low recoil, and overall versatility back in 2019. It was the ultimate solo-carry option and could take down foes easily in any situation.

It seems Sledgehammer is looking to continue to install as much nostalgia as possible in fans, and so far, it's been a brilliant strategy.

Is the TR-76 Geist already based on the RAM-7 in MW3?

TR-76 Geist Assault Rifle
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Certain players who have seen the MW3 leak have been left extremely confused, as they thought the TR-76 Geist was already a new version of the RAM-7 in MW2. Well, although they look very similar, the TR-76 Geist is actually based on a Ukrainian weapon called the Malyuk rifle.

This means there's still space for the RAM-7, and if it's anything like the version from MW2019, the Holger 556 and BAS-B may have a new meta contender to take their spot.

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