Modern Warfare 3 devs explain why theatre mode isn't coming

Modern Warfare 3 devs explain why theatre mode isn't coming
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Alex Garton


21st Nov 2023 11:30

Nothing feels better than pulling off a clutch outplay in Call of Duty or landing multiple quick scopes in a row with perfect accuracy.

That's why theatre mode was such a beloved feature for the community as a whole, as it gave players the chance to record gameplay, take screenshots and slow down clips.

While it didn't come with Moder Warfare 3's launch, there was an expectation that it would added at a later date in a seasonal patch. Sledgehammer Games has delivered some disappointing news related to theatre mode, and it's frustrated a huge portion of the community.

Modern Warfare 3 devs confirm theatre mode will not be added


s showcased by popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL, Sledgehammer has revealed during a Reddit AMA that theatre mode will not be coming to MW3. According to the team, the feature "requires significant time and resources," and as a result, they "currently do not have any plans for it in MWIII."

While theatre is not a gameplay addition, it's a massive quality-of-life feature for those who enjoy looking back on their clips and having them all in a single and convenient location.

Despite this, it's possible Sledgehammer didn't prioritise the classic mode, as new consoles now have the in-built ability to record clips instantly.

MW3 fans argue Sledgehammer has 'zero excuses' to not implement feature

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This news has come as a massive disappointment to MW3 fans who claim Sledegammer has "zero excuses" to not add theatre.

For them, it's ridiculous that a "multi-billion dollar" company cannot create features that were a staple part of a Call of Duty game years ago when they had a lower budget.

"Activision and the studios are only worth $70b... they just simply don't have the resources to bring back features that existed in their old games."

While this theatre news is a major blow, Season 01 will be the perfect chance for the devs to bring the CoD community back on side, so let's hope it can deliver.

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