Microsoft unveils custom Mandalorian Xbox Series

Microsoft unveils custom Mandalorian Xbox Series
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Joseph Kime


2nd Mar 2023 09:35

Mando's back, and we couldn't be any happier about it. Even though we've come to expect some pretty grown-up entertainment from Star Wars thanks to Andor, we know that we're going back to basics with The Mandalorian.

All we need from the series is space daddy Pedro Pascal carting his little green pal across the galaxy, and we'll be happy. But, the new series is introducing some new details, as Din Djarin looks to return to Mandalore.

Visiting forgotten planets isn't all that's new from Mando, and bizarrely, he's found his way onto an Xbox Series X.

The Mandalorian Xbox Series is here

Microsoft Unveils Custom Mandalorian Xbox Series
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Microsoft | Disney

In a new collaboration that brings Mando and the gaming world together (sorry to get your hopes up, there's no Mandalorian game. yet), Xbox has revealed its very own custom consoles to commemorate the return of Star Wars' most beloved series.

The new consoles - along with a Grogu-esque controller - have been revealed in a new tweet from Xbox. It confirms that you could be the lucky person who could "bring the bounty home."

The consoles are a part of new sweepstakes being run by Xbox, allowing fans to enter to win both a Din Djarin Series X and Grogu Series S console.

How do I enter the Mandalorian Xbox sweepstake?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of swiping this tasty bounty is retweet the original tweet posted by Xbox with the hashtag #TheMandalorianXboxSweepstakes. The winner will be revealed in May, so you've got plenty of time to get your entry in.

It's a pretty great deal for fans of both Xbox and Star Wars - and we'll be forever jealous of whoever gets to bring the bounty home. This IS the way!

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