Massive Breath Of The Wild Expansion Is A Door-Packed DLC

Massive Breath Of The Wild Expansion Is A Door-Packed DLC
Nintendo | Waikuteru

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Joseph Kime


20th Jun 2022 13:57

Fans have been waiting patiently for a reason to return to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but they're not being met with much. The game took the world by storm when it was released and set the new standard not only for games in the Zelda series, but also for open-world games at large.

Nintendo really put pressure on the gaming industry by making one of the most critically beloved games of all time, and while we hold out for its long-awaited sequel, fans are desperate for more content. Luckily, some have gotten to work on new Breath of the Wild content and come through with a brand-new DLC.

What Is The Breath Of The Wild DLC? 

The latest mod for Breath of the Wild looks like an official DLC pack, with all of the brand-new content that brings an incredible wealth of new chances to explore a fresh world. The Doors of Doom DLC was created by Waikuteru and is something every Zelda fan needs to check out. The mod has been properly revealed during a showcase video from its creator.

The Doors of Doom boasts a whole realm filled with doors to choose from, often with baddies waiting behind them to take you out as you aim to discover what this labyrinth truly is - and why you've been brought there. The mod certainly looks intriguing, especially as it's packed with new quests, fights, and treasure to be collected.

How Can I Play Doors Of Doom?

If you want to get your hands on this fresh content, you're going to have to be running Breath of the Wild on an emulator on your PC. If that wasn't enough, you also need to be a contributor to Waikuteru's Patreon in order to get the mod in early access. If not you could hold off until June 29 when the mod officially releases.


Modding Breath of the Wild is all the rage these days, and you might remember when someone offered $10,000 to anyone who could add multiplayer capabilities to the open-world favourite. Of course, modding is against Nintendo's strict policy on taking games off the Switch, so watch out for those legal notices.

Breath of the Wild launched with two DLCs in the form of The Master Trials and The Champions' Ballad, but things have been quiet ever since. The things that players will do in the wait for more announcements from Nintendo about the Breath of the Wild sequel clearly seem pretty endless - to the point that they're willing to make the DLC themselves. Respect.

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