Loba Finally Comes To Apex Legends Mobile

Loba Finally Comes To Apex Legends Mobile
Images: Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


13th Jun 2022 09:41

Apex Legends Mobile has been equally adored and slated. Typical. On one hand, fans are loving the new way to experience Apex Legends - it's practically an entirely new game, with a third-person view and way to beam Wraith on mobile, and it's got a lot of fans hooked immediately.

But, on the other, fans of the mainline game are upset that the mobile game is already getting exclusive content and a Legend that is only available if you want to play the game on the go. It's a difficult balance to strike for Respawn Entertainment, so it's actually pretty fair of them not to try. But now, they're giving mobile users something new. Or, technically, old.

Is Loba In Apex Legends Mobile?

Loba Finally Comes To Apex Legends Mobile
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Bringing more of the main game's content to the mobile title, Respawn Entertainment has teased the arrival of fan-favourite character of Loba to Apex Legends Mobile.

The brand-new mobile event is called Diamond in the Snow and teased that Loba could be the next legend to join the game, as her ultimate ability, the Black Market, has been found in-game.

Completing the mission that comes with the event gives players Diamond Pieces, one of which can be found by plucking it from the Black Market ultimate that is hidden behind vault doors. The doors are opened by shooting down a Cargo Drone with a red light, which drop Vault Keys that can be used to crack open one of three doors peppered around the map.


When Is Loba Coming To Apex Legends Mobile?

There's no word yet on when exactly Loba will be landing in Apex Legends Mobile, but as she's just been teased, it'd be safe to assume that the thief will be arriving in-game at the start of the next season.

Of course, this is speculation as we don't have anything concrete yet, but judging by Respawn's character reveal structure, next season seems fair. Though some players may be peeved by the fact that the mobile version of the battle royale is still getting a better deal than its console counterparts, this is good news - and it'll only give us more of a reason to play.

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