Live-Action Fallout Series Gets A First Look From Amazon

Live-Action Fallout Series Gets A First Look From Amazon
Images via Bethesda

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Tom Chapman


26th Oct 2022 11:18

Amazon is hoping to unlock the vault to success with this latest live-action adaptation, and while most of us are excited for the streaming giant's rumoured God of War series, there's something coming much sooner that should have you running for your emergency shelters.

The wide world of Bethesda's Fallout seems almost too big to contain on the small screen, but arguably, spanning multiple seasons works a lot better than trying to condense everything into a two-hour movie. Now, Amazon is firing up the Pip-Boy for its live-action Fallout series with a first look at what's going on. 

What Does The First Fallout Promo Show?

Bethesda is going all-in on its Fallout anniversary celebrations in 2022, but with the franchise celebrating its 25th birthday, we'd bloody well hope so. The gaming powerhouse has already been dragged for disappointing announcements and a lack of anything related to Fallout: New Vegas, so for some, the Fallout series reveal will also be underwhelming.

Amazon's Fallout series was first announced in 2020, so what do we get for our two years of patience? Well, you get a singular shot. Looking a bit like it's been pulled from the cinematic trailer for some far-off Fallout 5. Prime Video and Kilter Films is the production company behind Fallout and is led by Westworld husband and wife duo, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The image was revealed as part of a birthday tweet that said, "We made something special for the occasion."

There's a mystery figure standing by the entrance to what we're told is Vault 33 - which is new to the Fallout franchise. There are two more Vaultdwellers, both dressed in the classic blue uniform. We previously saw set photos from Vault 32 (which was also new), so there's a chance we'll visit multiple locations. Either way, the fact the door is open suggests we won't be underground for the entire season. 


Who Is In The Fallout Series Cast?

The closest we have to Vault 33 in the canon is Vault 34 from New Vegas. Don't get too excited though, because although the numerical values of the vaults usually dictate where they are on the map, we've seen no other signs of it being set alongside Obsidian's beloved game. We're suitably intrigued, but not everyone is convinced. When one fan said it looks amazing, another added, "Looking amazing is not the issue, we also need writing. Amazon has been a bit hit or miss there."

Amazon's Fallout doesn't have a release date, but we know major players include Ant-Man and the Wasp's Walton Goggins and Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan. We could also be getting a female-first adaptation thanks to Yellowjackets' Ella Purnell reportedly being its leading lady. It's true that we've had massive misses including the recent Resident Evil movie and middling outings like its unrelated Netflix series, but as shows like The Witcher have shown, not all video game adaptations have to be like Dwayne Johnson's Doom.

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