Amazon's Fallout TV Series Has Found Its Leading Lady

Amazon's Fallout TV Series Has Found Its Leading Lady
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31st Mar 2022 14:27

Amazon is opening up Vault 2023, as its live-action Fallout series has just found its leading lady. In an era where video game adaptations are a dime a dozen, the streaming giant is hoping to break new ground and drop a nuclear warhead on the competition with its own reimagining of Bethesda's apocalyptic favourite.

While live-action video game adaptations were once the laughing stock of the industry, even the box office success of the Resident Evil movies couldn't hide the fact they were p*ss-poor imitations of the games they came from. Thankfully, the likes of Detective Pikachu and The Witcher have paved the way for the current boom in projects. With everything from Ghost of Tsushima to Halo, The Last of Us to God of War making the leap, Fallout could be one to watch.

Who Has Joined The Fallout Cast?

According to DeadlineYellowjackets alumni Ella Purnell is preparing to step out into the Wasteland. The site claims that Purnell will headline the series that's being handled by Amazon. The show is the brainchild of Westworld's Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's Kilter Films, with Nolan directing the pilot.

Much like the games, Fallout is set in an alternate future where the American dream and retro ideals of the 1940s have lived on. However, a nuclear war of 2077 has left this Americana as a ravaged wasteland populated by mutated monsters and malevolent madmen. Remembering the Fallout games don't have any real protagonists, it leaves the doors open for the writers to bring in any number of NPCs or new creations. 

There are no details on who Purnell will be playing, other than the fact she's "Jean", a woman that's described as "a young woman with a can-do attitude who may be hiding a dangerous secret." Those who've seen Purnell as the snarky Jackie Taylor in the ensemble of Yellowjackets will know she certainly has the chops to carry a series.


What Else Do We Know About Amazon's Fallout Series?

Purnell joins Ant-Man and the Wasp's Walton Goggins, who was reportedly cast as a nightmarish Ghoul in Fallout. Like with Goggins' rumoured character, Amazon had "no comment" on who Purnell will be playing. As Amazon continues casting for Fallout, it looks like a steady stream of popular faces will be stopping by in the Wasteland. 

Production is due to start on Amazon's Fallout series this year, meaning a possible 2024 release date is on the cards. Of course, Amazon is pretty busy right now with its The Lord of the Rings prequel series called The Rings of Power. We should have HBO's The Last of Us series to fill our apocalyptic needs, but unfortunately, we know that's not launching until 2023. It could be battle of the apocalypses, and we can't wait to see who comes out on top.


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