Lego Has Banned Requests For Zelda Sets

Lego Has Banned Requests For Zelda Sets
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Tom Chapman


11th Nov 2022 16:20

While most of us love The Legend of Zelda and our many trips to Hyrule, it sounds like someone at Lego isn't a fan of the Hero of Time. As we get ready to draw the Master Sword for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in 2023, now would be the perfect time to release a Zelda-themed Lego set. Alas, it's not meant to be.

Gaming collaborations with those colourful blocks are nothing new. Away from the Lego Star WarsJurassic Park, DC and Marvel video games, we've seen real-life sets you can build for everything from Mario to Horizon. Sadly, it looks like Nintendo is stuck in the Mushroom Kingdom for now because Lego isn't extending a partnership to another major IP.

Why Won't Lego Accept Zelda Ideas?

Lego Hyrule Castle
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Lego Ideas

Over the years, Lego has branched away from building pirate ships or fire stations, with its pop culture crossovers pulling in the big bucks. You only have to look at the price of the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block to see it's a lucrative deal for both sides. According to Brick Fanatics, though, Lego isn't keen on assembling the Triforce.

In case you don't know, Lego Ideas lets you upload a concept for a set and other fans vote on whether it should become a reality. If a set gets over 10,000 votes, it goes to the Lego board to vote on whether it should be built. Brick Fanatics claims there have been eight Lego x Zelda concepts that have passed the 10,000 vote threshold, but none of them have gone any further.

The Lego Group has deemed that any ideas based on The Legend of Zelda will be outright banned. We're not sure why, but we guess it has something to do with rights issues surrounding an existing IP. Nintendo isn't known for sharing its toys, but because there have been so many Mario sets, we thought this would be an easy sell. To be honest, we think Lego is screaming out for a Great Deku Tree set. 

Will There Ever Be A Lego Zelda Set?

There are two schools of thought here. Firstly, an official line of Lego Zelda sets are on the way - meaning Lego doesn't want your ideas anymore. The more likely option comes from the submission form saying Lego has "determined that we can't allow submissions" due to a "licence conflict." This suggests a rival company has the keys to Hyrule and has stopped Lego in its tracks. 

There have been plenty of Zelda ideas, with most of them being a riff on the classic castle set by turning it into Hyrule Castle. Brick Fanatics notes that Mega Construx has the rights to Pokemon, and if you try to submit an idea for a Pokemon set, you get the same message as a Zelda submission.  No matter what, it's a dark day for those who want to build their own Breath of the Wild stable. Seeing Ganondorf with his screen skin only wants this to be a reality even more.

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