JK Rowling Called Out For 'Mocking' Trans Gamer Over Hogwarts Legacy

JK Rowling Called Out For 'Mocking' Trans Gamer Over Hogwarts Legacy
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Tom Chapman


19th Dec 2022 15:23

Seemingly unable to learn when the right time is to zip it and say nothing, JK Rowling has once again waded into the row of trans rights on Twitter.

While Avalanche Software's much-delayed Hogwarts Legacy is finally coming out in 2023, there's a dark mark hanging over the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry. As trans gamers and allies vow to boycott Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling herself has spoken out.

What Has JK Rowling Said About Hogwarts Legacy?

Although Warner Bros. has gone into damage control and said Rowling has nothing to do with the making of Hogwarts Legacy, the fact she'll receive royalties from the game has led to cries from the LGBTQ+ community that we should boycott it.

When trans gamer and YouTuber Jessie Earl posted a passionate thread saying why you shouldn't buy Hogwarts Legacy, it popped up on the radar of Rowling. Despite being asked to explain her stance on the trans community many times, Rowling usually refuses to answer questions, so we don't know what made her put Earl in her crosshairs.

Responding to Earl, Rowling shared her tweet and added, "Deeply disappointed @jessiegende doesn't realise purethink is incompatible with owning ANYTHING connected with me, in ANY form. The truly righteous wouldn't just burn their books and movies but the local library, anything with an owl on it and their own pet dogs. #DoBetter."

Clearly not done with her rant, Rowling continued a barrage of abuse against Earl, as both tweets went viral. At the core of it, it raised a debate on whether you can enjoy the wizarding world and still be against Rowling's views

What Have People Said To Rowling?

Going against the controversial author, one critic wrote, "And I'm deeply disappointed that you've decided to make your entire personality about hating a marginalized group. You don't get to preach to people about doing better."

Another said "It's not a hard choice right now, any contribution that makes its way to you is actively used to harm people, I don't want to be a part of that and I'm sad that other people do." while a third wrote, "There is literally no way to read this other than, "trans people aren't as extreme as I keep pretending they are." Thank you for admitting you're a liar." 

Someone else added, "The way you constantly disappoint all of us who grew up with you is so disheartening. You are not the same woman that wrote this franchise about outcasts finding where they fit into a world surrounded in hate. You've become Voldemort. Great job."

Journalist Ashton Pittman wrote, "HP was an important part of my childhood. But my books are now in a Banker's Box, not a shelf where they can be seen behind me on a Zoom. I don't want any trans person to be hurt because they mistake my past love of HP with agreement with your stunning turn toward 24/7 hatred." 

There's normally a pretty big split in views, with plenty of people backing Rowling. However, just days after she tweeted "Happy TERFmas" - seeming as a joke about accusations she's a trans-exclusionary radical feminist - things are only getting uglier on Twitter. With trans witches and wizards confirmed for Hogwarts Legacy, we'd love to know what Rowling thinks about that.

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