Jedi Fallen Order II Will Reportedly Be Announced At Star Wars Celebration

Jedi Fallen Order II Will Reportedly Be Announced At Star Wars Celebration
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Joseph Kime


22nd Mar 2022 15:28

A return to the worlds and galaxies of Jedi Fallen Order is long overdue.

The first game was released back in 2019, and though many Star Wars fans weren't convinced at first (mostly down to a plethora of bugs and glitches), big patches have helped to steady the experience, and allow the game to shine for its many merits. The game is a fantastic trot across the galaxy with some deeply satisfying lightsaber combat, and made you really feel like a Jedi. Just what a good Star Wars game needs, really.

We've waited on the announcement of a sequel from EA for some time, now - and a new report suggests that the game's reveal might not be that far off.

Jedi Fallen Order II Could Be Revealed At Star Wars Celebration

According to an industry insider, it looks like the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order could see an announcement at this year's Star Wars Celebration event.

In an episode of the GB Decides YouTube series, industry insider Jeff Grubb has suggested that the upcoming Star Wars event could bring with it the announcement we've been waiting for.

In response to a question about the game's reveal and its chances of still releasing this holiday season, Grubb said: "We're gonna hear about that in May at Star Wars Celebration, so keep an eye out for that, 'cause that's where that's happening."

It makes sense for the game to get a reveal here, what with its connection to the franchise - but there's more.

Insider Doesn't Think Jedi Fallen Order II Is Coming This Year

Jedi Fallen Order II Will Reportedly Be Announced At Star Wars Celebration
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Grubb continues in the video to suggest that he doesn't expect the game to actually release this year, as leaks and rumours had previously suggested.

"I think it's probably not this year. Probably early next year. [...] Dragon Age 4 is 18 months away, Dead Space was almost later this year but they moved it, and they confirmed that now that's early 2023, so Jedi Fallen Order II later this year could almost make sense. Let me ask and I'll see what I can find."

The game has been in the works for some time now and fans are itching to get back into it, so let's hope that it's actually set to launch this year. Jedi Fallen Order is well overdue a second run out - and we can't wait to see its potential reveal in a couple of months.


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