Insider Claims PS5 Pro And Enhanced Xbox Series Coming In 2023

Insider Claims PS5 Pro And Enhanced Xbox Series Coming In 2023
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Joseph Kime


18th Oct 2022 09:05

Just about two years into the latest console generation, many players are still struggling to get involved. Stock problems are plaguing this generation, with the PS5 especially struggling to meet its ridiculous demand.

Thankfully, games that are exclusive to new-gen are sparse for now, but with titles on the horizon threatening to restrict to the Xbox Series family and PlayStation 5, we could be running into trouble with players being unable to get involved in the new generation of gaming. Now, it looks like there could be more yet to come.

Are We Getting A PS5 Pro And Enhanced Xbox Series?

Insider Claims PS5 Pro And Enhanced Xbox Series Coming In 2023
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Replying to a thread on gtaforums, a prolific GTA leaker has revealed that they reckon there's another iteration of both the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles coming in the next year.

Responding to a comment suggesting that another PlayStation would be coming out in the next year, Tez2 said, "Most AAA studios should have received the dev kits of mid-life upgrades or should receive them by the start of new year."

Then, responding to another comment asking "You know this for sure? Or a prediction?" they say "for sure." Interesting. It's certainly a compelling claim - but with the current state of the console generation, it's easy to be sceptical.


How Likely Is It That We'll Get New Consoles?

It's an interesting implication, as we're not even halfway through the console generation yet. There are already suggestions of a new console to come from both Microsoft and Sony, which seems a little baffling considering we're struggling to get our hands on the base model. Only recently, we heard about the PS5 Pro in 2023, so there could be more to the story. 

But, Microsoft is clearly having some financial problems right now with all of its recent layoffs. With Sony trying to meet demand in making consoles, you'd think it'd be next to impossible to engineer whole new consoles in 2023 for both companies. Either way, it'll be compelling to see how these claims turn out - though we're not so convinced ourselves.

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