ImperialHal reveals every OP weapon to use in Apex Legends Season 20

ImperialHal reveals every OP weapon to use in Apex Legends Season 20
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Alex Garton


21st Feb 2024 15:15

It's no secret that Apex Legends Season 20 has had a huge impact on the overall meta thanks to the ability upgrade system.

Characters that were slipping down the rankings have suddenly had a new lease of life in the Breakout patch. The best weapons have also had a shakeup, and while you could spend hours in the Firing Range figuring out which ones are the strongest - it's often better to listen to an expert.

No one is more qualified than the CEO himself, and luckily for us, Philp "ImperialHal" Dosen revealed every top-tier weapon you should be using in Season 20 on a recent stream.

ImperialHal reveals his gun tier list in Apex Legends Season 20

Recently, ImperialHal was asked by one of his viewers which guns are worth using in Season 20 if you're looking to pick up more wins.

The TSM IGL kept it short and sweet, revealing every single meta weapon that a player can carry with in Breakout, so get ready to take notes.

"The best guns IMO right now are the Hemlock, Nemesis, Flatline... SMGs it's Prowler or Volt, R99 is absolutely terrible do not use R99, CAR is alright but Prowler or Volt are better."

Hal rounded off his thoughts by giving the Havoc a shoutout and also revealed that the 30-30 Repeater is still viable, even despite heavy nerfs in Season 20.

Why is the R99 "terrible" in Apex Legends?

R99 inspect Apex Legends
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One weapon that Hal has tossed to the wayside is the R99, which he has described as "terrible" in the current meta.

So, why has the iconic SMG fallen down in the rankings? Well, countless nerfs have hit the R99 hard, with the latest coming in Breakout, which increased the gun's recoil.

As the weapon relies so heavily on one-clipping opponents, it can no longer consistently do this in skirmishes. As a result, options with more damage per mag, like the Volt, Prowler, and CAR, are simply better choices.

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