Ursa has got his claws out

15:29, 03 Aug 2020

While the idea of being able to deal 54,000,000 damage in Dota 2 might sound like a ridiculous one, that hasn't stopped one play proving it's completely possible to pull off this mind-boggling trick. 

Dota 2 players love trying to uncover the perfect combo to deliver that crushing blow, just as much as figuring out how to survive the deadliest attacks. Now, someone has crunched the numbers and uncovered this eye-watering attack of 54 million.

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It's no secret that Ursa has a trick hidden up its sleeves with Fury Swipes, and many players have exploited this before. The Fury Swipes attack modifier adds stacking bonus damage with every hit, and if Ursa manages to hit the target while the Fury Swipes debuff timer doesn’t reset, the damage continues to mount - almost infinitely. Some have entered Dota 2's demo mode and built their own super squad made entirely of Usas, left their computer, and come back to see the damage.

Posting on Reddit, one fan showed off an impressive feat of Ursa dealing 2.55 billion damage on an attack dummy with each move. This figure skyrocketed into the trillions and was truly something amazing to behold.


In response to the other post, I give you: 54 million fury swipes damage (650k stacks of fury swipes) - even more is possible from r/DotA2

Others have been taking to Reddit to show off their own impressive figures. Of course, Usa isn't the only one who can accomplish amazing things with the right moves. Legion Commander, Silencer, Pudge, Lion, and Underlord can also scale to infinity with their respective abilities.

Legion Commander gets permanent bonus damage when she uses Duel ultimate and downs a hero, Lion's new mechanic gets a permanent damage boost every time his ultimate sets up a kill. Given enough time, it could cause millions of damage with a single blow.

Pudge and Silencer get bonuses if they're within a certain radius of an enemy hero's death. Underlord also has something similar, but his boost comes directly to his attack damage.


Of course, it takes an insane amount of time to set these up, and those who've tried have said it's not particularly great for your laptop. Still, if you have the time, why not try it out?

Images via Valve

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