International 10 has the biggest Esports prize fund ever

International 10 has the biggest Esports prize fund ever

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26th Aug 2020 10:43

The upcoming International 10 Dota 2 tournament marks a milestone move for the world of esports as it takes the crown for the biggest prize pool ever. At the time of writing, the International 10's total sits at a bank-busting $34,333,874. The reason it is so high is because the pool is crowdfunded from the sale of in-game items, including 25% of The International 10 Battle Pass, Battle Pass Levels, and several other cosmetic items. With The International 10 being so huge, it means the fund has continued to grow and grow.

What's more, there are still a few weeks of crowdfunding left to go, meaning the final total will surely pass the $35 million mark. We've watched the figures climb, and with popularity of The International 10 showing no sign of slowing down, it's easy to see the trend continuing - especially with the latest press.

As The International 10 prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary, it has roared past last year's record-breaking total of $34,330,068. 2020's competition smashed last year's pool a whole 20 days earlier, and that's before we even get to tempting Battle Pass rewards including the third Immortal Treasure and Windranger Arcana. Over on, it has been confirmed Dota 2 has the top six spots for the biggest esports prize pools. The only thing that has come remotely close (now sitting in seventh place) is the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 - Solo with $15,287,500.00.

The Dota 2 International 10 is arguably the biggest event in the esports calendar and goes from strength to strength each year. Still, even the might of Valve couldn't prevent The International 10 being struck by COVID-19. The developer posted on Twitter and confirmed it's no closer to revealing a new date for when The International 10 could potentially take place. This might be a blow for fans, but at least there's a valid reason.

While the esports world is slowly trying to return to normal, Valve has reiterated a "increase in unpredictability" due to COVID-19 means it can't give a concrete date for The International 10. Still, the company has promised it will give an update as soon as it can. Thankfully, there's that once in a lifetime prize pool to ensure everyone is staying interested in The International 10. 

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