Hogwarts Legacy's Graphics Are Doomed To Repeat Gotham Knight's Mistake

Hogwarts Legacy's Graphics Are Doomed To Repeat Gotham Knight's Mistake
Images: Avalanche Software

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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2023 11:10

Though many people will decry those who value graphical fidelity over all else, they'll still be a little miffed when their favourite games look a little muddy.

Everyone likes to look at pretty things, and that's totally fine - and though it's not the most important thing for a game to be, being visually appealing is a great way to sell a title. Now that we're truly in the newest generation of gaming, AAA titles are looking better than ever.

But as our expectations rise, some games fail to meet them. Sadly, fans are concerned that Hogwarts Legacy is about to be one of them.

Hogwarts Legacy Reveals Graphical Modes

Hogwarts Legacy's Graphics Are Doomed To Repeat Gotham Knight's Mistake
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Last week we the system requirements for Hogwarts Legacy on PC, meaning players can gauge whether or not their current rig can run the game at all.

In the process, we've learned a little more about what we can expect from the game visually. And some fans are concerned.

It has been noted that the console versions of Hogwarts Legacy will support "multiple graphical modes," packing a 30fps Fidelity mode and a performance mode. In Avalanche Software's own words, it "targets 60 fps."

The word "targets" does a lot of heavy lifting here, and though it seems like the company is trying to assure players that they can reach those fps goals, that won't necessarily be the case. As expected, fans have let their voices be heard. 

Fans Are Worried About Hogwarts Legacy's Graphics

Gamers have taken to Reddit to express their concerns about the wording of the announcement - hope and praying that it doesn't mean what they think it means.

"Man I hate target 60... me need stable 60!" says one commenter on a post in the PS5 subreddit, sharing the new announcement. Another added, "I refuse to play a game unless it's 60FPS now." A third concluded, "Never. If there's not a 60fps option, I won't be playing it. No matter what the game."

But, one commenter has aimed to assuage fan worries. "A LOT of people are getting worked up about the word 'target' here. Please remember that even GoW: Ragnarok had its performance mode listed as a '60FPS target' and that game runs flawlessly on the PS5 with 60 FPS."

It might not make a massive difference, but unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy is embroiled in the same graphical argument that plagued Gotham Knights before its release.  Whether or not the game will reach 60 fps remains to be seen - but either way, we're sure that players will find something to complain about.

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