Hogwarts Legacy Includes Iconic Harry Potter Family

Hogwarts Legacy Includes Iconic Harry Potter Family
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Joseph Kime


28th Nov 2022 10:11

There's a lot resting on Hogwarts Legacy for Potter fans. Aside from the pretty grim tweets of author J.K. Rowling, the Wizarding World has been lost for quality for some time.

The Fantastic Beasts spin-offs have truly tanked critically and at the box office, and aside from the movies that haven't been working for fans, all we have are online quizzes and gift sets from Boots.

So, with the promise of an adventure across the iconic Hogwarts, fans are hoping that a new era of Pottertainment is around the corner with Hogwarts Legacy.

To persuade existing fans, it looks like the descendant of one popular Harry Potter family will be making an appearance.

Ron Weasley's Ancestor Is In Hogwarts Legacy

Though Hogwarts Legacy was once implied to have very little connection to the adventures of the boy who lived and he who must not be named, it looks like one familial connection is set to connect them to Hogwarts Legacy.

As pointed out by Twitter user Eugene the Magical, one character who once appeared as Hector Jenkins in a game showcase has reappeared in a behind-the-scenes video from XpectoGO under a new name.

In a pretty surprising reveal, it looks like Hector might actually be a Weasley, related to Ron Weasley from the original Harry Potter stories and brought to life by Rupert Grint.

It's a fascinating reveal, especially as the Twitter thread highlights a very similar-looking character from the Gryffindor common room. But, it turns out the Weasley connections don't end here.

Hogwarts Legacy Contains 'A Weasley Or Two'

The tweet indicates that we've learned about the existence of more Weasleys in the game from PlayStation blogs, stating that we'll meet "a Weasley or two." It makes sense, especially as we've seen Professor Weasley before.

Who knows what she'll end up teaching, but fans on Reddit are hoping that she'll end up as the head of Gryffindor, or the school's deputy headmistress.

It's interesting to see more Weasleys pottering around, if you'll forgive the pun - and it'll give some players a brand-new link to have fun with in the game. It's not likely that the Weasleys will save the game alone, but we'll take what we can get.

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