Hogwarts Legacy Already Has A Hilarious Glitch

Hogwarts Legacy Already Has A Hilarious Glitch
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Emma Hill


25th Mar 2022 11:44

Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalance Software has shared the moment when a hilarious glitch very nearly made it into the upcoming RPG's gameplay trailer. 

Harry Potter fans were elated when Warner Bros. announced that a game based on the famous wizarding world was on the way. We had a new website about the magical RPG and a reveal trailer. Then, as Severus Snape once said: "Silence." There was a little bit of information about Hogwarts Legacy occasionally, such as the news the game would feature a morality system along with transgender witches and wizards.

But that paled into insignificance when compared to what we got last week, when Hogwarts Legacy finally ascended from the Chamber of Secrets and we were given a 20-minute gameplay reveal.

However, there was one particular clip that we didn't get to see and that was a hilarious glitch that even Madam Pomfrey couldn't magic away.

What Was The Hilarious Hogwarts Legacy Glitch?

On March 24, the devs shared a short clip featuring a glitch that narrowly missed being included in the gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy. Posting the clip on Twitter, Avalanche said: "While putting together last week's trailer, we came across this hilarious bug and had to share."

In the clip, the player is shown in the middle of an intense, spell-fuelled duel. After the player casts the Banishing Charm 'Depulso' at an enemy, a random centaur appears out of nowhere from the corner of the screen, floating in mid-air. As the centaur's arms and legs frantically frail about, he finally crashes to the ground and pulls out a bow and arrow. However, he is suddenly hit with 'Confringo' from an enemy NPC and once again glitches with his limbs pulsating in every different direction imaginable. 

However, the exploding curse seemed to do the trick as the centaur soon jumps up and is shown fighting his enemies as if nothing had happened.

Will The Glitch Be In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy won't be released until "Holiday 2022". So, Avalanche will most likely have time to fix the glitch and any other bugs before its release, much to the despair of one fan who begged, "please keep that bug in the game." Other fans commenting on the Twitter post also praised the studio for being so open about the fact that it came across bugs. 

So, while more difficult than a simple 'Reparo', Avalanche will likely get the glitch fixed in time for its release. For us, we're just happy that Hogwarts Legacy is still on track for its 2022 release.


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