GTA V’s Michael can't get over GTA 6’s ‘big asses'

GTA V’s Michael can't get over GTA 6’s ‘big asses'
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6th Dec 2023 14:08

"Ned Luke likes big butts...and he cannot lie." In case you missed it, a certain gaming giant dropped its first trailer this week, with Rockstar Games finally giving us a peek into the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The GTA 6 trailer is already breaking records, and unsurprisingly, everyone is talking about it. 

Tom Petty's "Love is the Long Road" is featured as the trailer's song, with the singer sharing his love of the game, Andrew Tate and Elon Musk have confirmed they're not fans, and Adin Ross claims he'll be appearing in it. But what about the old GTA crowd from yesteryear?

GTA V's Ned Luke shares his thoughts on GTA 6

We've had plenty of brilliant protagonists over the course of GTA's history, and maybe because it's the most recent outing, but there's something about the trifecta of Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton that stands out from the crowd. Now, Michael himself has given his thoughts on the GTA 6 trailer.

In the aftermath of the GTA 6 trailer blowing up the Twitterverse, Ned Luke has given his own two cents on what we've seen. The voice actor had an in-depth two-hour stream on his YouTube channel, but there's one thing clearly stuck out for him..."big asses."

While most of us were trying to soak it all in and were encapsulated by our first look at Lucia as the protagonist, Luke was seemingly a little distracted. When asked about what surprised him from the trailer, Luke told fans, "How big the asses are. That's surprising. There's some big asses in that trailer. I mean a lot of 'em."

Carrying on talking about junk in the trunk, Luke continued, "Almost every ass in that trailer, other than the male asses, was big. That surprised me because, you know, Miami's got some not-big asses too. We'll see." GTA has come under fire for its objectifying of women before, so this observation will likely fuel those complaints further.

Luke has only one thing on his mind, and when he's later discussing the amazing graphics of the trailer's flamingos, he can't help but add, "Then it cuts to the beach. There's a big ass, there's a big ass and thighs, there's a big ass, there's a huge ass with a thong on, there's another big ass over there.

"We're in the boat. Every ass is huge. I gotta talk with these guys, we gotta get some not-huge asses in there. Not everybody loves a big massive butt. Some people like a smaller one, narrower hips, smaller butt." We're not going to ass-ume Luke is an ass man, but if the hat fits. 

GTA V actors won't confirm a GTA 6 return

The question is, will Luke and co. be back for GTA 6? Trevor actor Steven Ogg has previously teased a potential return, while Luke has also hinted that he'll be reprising his role as Michael. As for Franklin, Shawn Fonteno is just as coy and looks like he's having a little fun.

In a November 2023 interview with PARTYCHAT, Fonteno said, "I am officially making this announcement: Franklin Clinton is NOT going to be in GTA 6," but then went on to say it's still a mystery. It seems no one is willing to make their return official yet, and in the meantime, we're still trying to figure out who is playing Lucia

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