GTA 6 DLC rumours divide fandom before it's released

GTA 6 DLC rumours divide fandom before it's released
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24th Oct 2023 11:00

If there's one thing fans of the Grand Theft Auto series love, it's a good rumour. After all, it's been a whole decade since GTA V was released, meaning we're a little famished in terms of new content. Sorry GTA Online, adding a few free T-shirts doesn't cut it. 

We know GTA 6 is out there somewhere, with Rockstar finally confirming it last year after a massive data breach forced its hand. There's still no word on when GTA 6 will be released, and while general details about the automotive adventure are still thin on the ground, some are already talking about a GTA 6 DLC.

GTA 6 rumoured to get multiple DLCs

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At this point, we've come to accept some things as gospel, like the protagonists of Jason and Lucia, as well as a return to Vice City (albeit a present-day version). Things are less clear regarding expansions and multiplayer options, with a presumed GTA Online overhaul possibly taking a leaf out of Warzone's book. 

As for a GTA 6 DLC, an interesting rumour comes from trusted insider, Tez2. The leaker has most of their rumours unproven (duh, the game isn't out yet) but remains a go-to fountain of knowledge on all things GTA. Over on the GTA Forums, they've given a potential tease of the GTA 6 DLC. 

The original plan for GTA V was to include episodic content, although that changed around 2014 thanks to the unexpected success of GTA Online. With Rockstar aware of GTA Online's size, GTA 6 could power forward with multiple GTA 6 DLCs.

Tez2 says, "From what we’ve heard and what Jason Schreier said, Rockstar is already going with the same plan before. Episodic content with new map updates and expansions. Which would help reduce crunch." We'll apparently see single-player updates. as frequently as online updates, with "the first major DLC within a year or two from launch."

GTA players aren't sure about GTA 6 DLC rumours

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While it's a big win for single-player fans that they aren't being abandoned for Rockstar's obsession with milking multiplayer and getting you to splash out on Shark Cards, others are unconvinced. Namely, there are worries that huge chunks of single-player story will be held back for a DLC - leaving the campaign bare.

Responding to Tez2, one wrote, "To be honest, I'm not expecting any singleplayer support after launch whatsoever. No DLC or anything like that. The way they completely sh*t on GTA V Story Mode tells me everything I need to know."

Another added, "My only hope is that with the changing of Rockstar that they understand there is a demand for more singleplayer stories and would be profitable," and a third concluded, "No way in hell they would release singleplayer DLC, online proved that you can put minimal effort and still make bank."

In a dream scenario, Rockstar will hard back to the days of GTA IV, with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony being rip-roaring DLC successes. GTA Online has kept us fed with DLC like San Andreas Mercenaries and Los Santos Drug Wars, but please, someone think of the single-player fans!

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