Grand Theft Auto fans can’t believe the GTA 6 release window

Grand Theft Auto fans can’t believe the GTA 6 release window
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Tom Chapman


5th Dec 2023 11:00

Rockstar Games has got to be joking, hasn't it? After being told the long-awaited GTA 6 trailer would drop on December 5, the gaming giant only went and dropped it early. To be fair, it had been leaked online, so we don't blame the team for making it official. 

Giving us our first glimpse at the future of Grand Theft Auto, it seems that many of those leaks we've been poring over for years were correct. As well as our first (proper) female protagonist in the form of Lucia, there's a return to Vice City. Most of the big questions were answered, although one wasn't the answer we were looking for. 

GTA 6's release window is a blow to fans

GTA 6 2025 release date placeholder
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Set to Tom Petty's "Love is a Long Road", the GTA 6 trailer ended with what we hoped for/feared. While we got the game's release window, it just wasn't the one we wanted. With a pretty broad 2025, it means those dreams of returning to Vice City in 2024 have been shattered.

Worse than this, remember that Rockstar isn't afraid to delay its games, with Red Dead Redemption being pushed from 2017 to 2018 and still getting embroiled in crunch drama. Just ask the Cyberpunk 2077 and Hogwarts Legacy devs about delays, and some are already worried GTA 6 will go down the same route.

As for 2025, it's a pretty broad release window. The only solace is those recent rumblings that Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has highlighted bumper growth in its 2024/2025 fiscal year. This would mean GTA 6 could be released before the end of March 2025, but that's a pretty optimistic outlook.

GTA 6 fans react to 2025 release

We've all heard about those joking they'll die before GTA 6 releases, and now, there are continued complaints that we could have a two-year wait on our hands. One morbid tweet reads, "With GTA 6 releasing in 2025 I probably only have about 3 GTAs left in my lifetime."

Another added, "What the F**K do you mean GTA 6 is dropping in 2025?" Infamous internet mouthpiece IShowSpeed reacted to the reveal and said, "2025, are you serious, bro? I'mma be like 50 years old, I might not even be alive. Oh my god, why they making us wait?"

Seeing the funnier side, someone joked, "Rockstar Games knows I can’t afford a ps5 at the moment so they pushed the GTA 6 release to 2025." Another pointed to the graphics of the trailer and concluded, "The fact that GTA 6 will look even better than this when it actually launches in 2025 is mind-blowing." We're not sure we agree with that one.

2025 is shaping up to be a massive year, with the MCU's Fantastic Four movie, the DCU's Superman Legacy, and now GTA 6. With Shrek 5 also rumoured to release in 2025, it looks like we'll have to book the whole year off work. 

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