Forget Apex Legends Mobile, The Full Game Is Coming To Steam Deck

Forget Apex Legends Mobile, The Full Game Is Coming To Steam Deck
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Joseph Kime


9th Mar 2022 14:22

Apex Legends continues to smash it with its contributions to the battle royale genre at large, but people have been left asking - where's the game's mobile counterpart?

The genre's foray into the mobile market has been hugely lucrative, with PUBG's mobile version becoming massively successful, and now that Apex Legends has been planning to come for some time with a soft launch going live in 10 countries yesterday, players have been wondering when global Apex fans are going to be able to dive in.

But, if you're looking for a portable way to get the game's experience, a new avenue just opened up.

Apex Legends Is Greenlit For The Steam Deck

Forget Apex Legends Mobile, The Full Game Is Coming To Steam Deck
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Good news for you legends set to get your hands on the new handheld outing by Valve - Apex Legends has been verified for use on the Steam Deck.

A lot of fans have been nervous that the game simply wouldn't make the cut as we hadn't had an official announcement from either Valve or EA by the time the console officially launched, but this confirmation is more than enough to prove that the game is working as intended on the new console.

This isn't the game's first adventure into the handheld market, though - the game is available on Nintendo Switch, and while many fans wouldn't jump to the console as their preferred way to enjoy the game, it still works, but perhaps this new edition of the game could become the very best handheld edition of Apex Legends on the market.

What Does It Mean To Be Steam Deck Verified?

Forget Apex Legends Mobile, The Full Game Is Coming To Steam Deck
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A game that is directly verified by Steam Deck is a signifier that the game works on the console as though it was completely designed for it, rather than a singularly PC-based experience.

In order to be verified, a game has to have full controller support with respective icons, have the correct display resolution of the console, should not have any trouble with compatibility warnings, and complete support for Proton or a separate anti-cheat system. And it seems like Apex Legends meets all of these criteria on the Steam Deck.


This is great news for fans of the battle royale title, as it means we've got a whole new way to play - and we can't wait to jump back in all over again.


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