FNCS Team Disqualified After Player ‘Wishes Death’ On Other Team

FNCS Team Disqualified After Player ‘Wishes Death’ On Other Team

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Tom Chapman


24th May 2021 09:47

There's more Fortnite drama, after one team has controversially been kicked from the Fortnite Champion Series for "wishing death" on a rival team. Despite Fortnite's usually family-friendly image and younger audience, that doesn't stop some very adult themes from making their way into the game. Epic Games has a zero-tolerance stance on abuse or potentially abusive behaviour, which has led to one FNCS trio feeling the brunt of the developer's stance.

The FNCS semifinals were filled with more drama than usual, and for once, it wasn't to do with allegations of cheating. A North America East team was kicked from the Reboot Round after it became apparent one player has taken his rage to Twitch and Twitter to hurl abuse at another team. Worse than this, the player, paper, is accused of wishing death on the other competitors


Why was the FNCS team disqualified?

It's no secret that paper is known for his outspoken antics on Twitch, and his previous streams have teased rage bubbling under the surface. However, it was the latest incident on May 23 that took him over the edge. Although paper and teammates neeqo and kwah didn't qualify for the Grand Finals, they were given a second chance in the Reboot Round. In the semis, the trio was contested by a fellow trio of TFC Sharkman, fearfll, and Enquz.

Unhappy with being contested, paper took to Twitter and posted a series of aggressive tweets saying he hoped the other trio "get hit by a 160mph bus u f*****g trash cans". He then hopped into Twitch streams and vowed to "find where they live and beat them until they can never touch their keyboard again". Epic quickly intervened and slapped paper's team with a disqualification. Neeqo shared the disqualification email via Twitter and added, "@paper_fn f**k you". It's clear there's no love lost between the former teammates. 

After disqualification, paper continued his tirade again Epic and wrote, "hackers aint getting banned for cheating but im getting disqualified for cyber bullying". This wasn't the end of the situation, as paper vowed to discuss it on his Twitch stream. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will be happening either. 


What has the FNCS team said?

In the aftermath of the incident, paper's Twitter has been filled with apologies and updates. As well as confirming he's received an indefinite ban on Twitch, paper said he's been struggling with anger issues since he was young and is dealing with a lot. One of his latest tweet reads, "I threw it all away bro i aint ever cryd in so long bro i threw it all away man its all f*****g gone bro i made money for me and my family with this sh*t". While he's clearly remorseful about what happened, it looks like it's the end of his Fortnite career for now.

The FNCS is becoming more known for its bans that the actual action within. In March, there was a similar situation where a trio was disqualified. A 16-year-old player called Wrigley told Donald Mustard to kill himself. It's much of the same this time around, and whether you think paper deserved his punishment or not, Epic isn't willing to tolerate abuse inside or outside of Fortnite. Even though paper and the rest of his trio have paid the price, it remains to be seen if there's any coming back from the situation. 


Images via Epic Games | Twitch

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