Final Fantasy VI Director on remake: 'It would take twice as much time as VII'

Final Fantasy VI Director on remake: 'It would take twice as much time as VII'
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Joseph Kime


30th Jan 2024 10:55

Sqaure Enix's long-running Final Fantasy series has maintained its fanbase, critical acclaim, and cultural stranding incredibly well. It seems as though it has never been stronger in the calm before the storm of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

The remake that became a series of remakes was a huge deal at launch, and though its bold changes to the story and gameplay of the iconic Final Fantasy 7 were confusing to some, it has put its pegs in as one of the most promising Final Fantasy projects yet.

As a result, fans are holding out hope that Square Enix will go down the Capcom/Resident Evil route with remakes in the same vein. Sadly, one fan-favourite game getting the same treatment might be a little much for Square Enix to handle.

Final Fantasy 6 remake would be a huge project

A recent interview with Square Enix Director, Yoshinori Kitase, has revealed that creating a remake of Final Fantasy 6 that's similar to Final Fantasy 7's remake could be an awful lot of work. If the FFVII remake was turned into a trilogy, would a FFVI remake span six games? 

"If we were to remake Final Fantasy VI in the same vein as FF7 Remake, it might take twice the amount of time it has taken to make the FF7 Remake series," Kitase says in conversation with Julien Chieze, translated by Ataikimochi.

"The volume we will need to work with is much more than FF7 and has more party characters too. We would probably need to prepare a lot of things, so I can't imagine that to be a task we have the resources to take on at the moment.

"However, many people even within the company have often asked whether we would consider an FF6 remake, and although I don't have the answer, I am very happy to hear that!

It's nice that Square Enix is staying receptive to games that players want remade, even if the company will have to work overtime on it - but there's a chance that something else in the works altogether.

Final Fantasy 9 is rumoured to be on the slate for remakes

Vivi in Final Fantasy, waving their staff.
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July last year, we were reminded that a potential Final Fantasy 9 remake appeared in a brutal NVIDIA GeForce Now leak. Leaker Jeff Grubb hinted that "these rumours keep bouncing back and forth between blogs and Twitter and YouTube as if I’ve said something new or different. I just said it’s definitely real, which of course it is."

It's a compelling claim, but given that the news leaked some time ago, you'd think we were approaching an announcement by now. Only time will tell, but as Square Enix hints that more Final Fantasy remakes could be on the way, we'll take any remake we can at this point.

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