Final Fantasy 7 remake release leaked for Xbox

Final Fantasy 7 remake release leaked for Xbox
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Joseph Kime


14th Aug 2023 11:25

2023 has been a real treat for fans of the Final Fantasy series so far. The latest mainline title has been making a splash with its fascinating narrative and fantastic combat, but the reveal of the next chapter in the Final Fantasy 7 remake saga turned Summer Game Fest from a boring slog into a bombastic event for fans.

The series hasn't been dormant, but it has certainly taken to periods of quiet over the last few years - but now it's back and is really swinging once again. In better news for Xbox users, the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks like it could soon be making its way to fresh consoles.

Xbox may have just leaked the arrival of FF7 Remake

The main cast of characters from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
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Square Enix

Whoopsie. Thankfully for us, Xbox seems to have goofed once again, and it looks like a simple meme has leaked the appearance of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the consoles.

We've got ResetEra to thank for spotting the silly tweet before it was permanently deleted from the Brazilian Xbox account. It shows a standard "not you" meme template featuring a number of characters from games that appear on the console. 

In the centre of the meme is Final Fantasy 7's Barret alongside his daughter Marlene. This exact shot comes from the 2023 Final Fantasy 7 remake, indicating to many that the latest release could finally make its way to Xbox after its time as a PlayStation exclusive.

With Tokyo Game Show marked in the diary for September 21, a lot of eyes are on this date for a potential announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 remake for Xbox and PC. If not, Gamescom is even closer, so fingers crossed. 

Square Enix is bringing more games to Xbox

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, shielding his eyes from the light of the sun.
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Square Enix

Though a mere meme, this seems like a good tease that the fantasy epic is coming to Xbox, especially as it has been deleted - but this does indeed match up with an announcement from Square Enix that indicates they soon want to make a new home with Xbox.

A new partnership is blooming between Square Enix and Xbox. It comes after a tweet from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, and who knows, maybe the arrival of FF7 Remake will serve as the relationship's herald. For now, we're left to speculate, but Barret's mysterious appearance makes things pretty clear from our perspective.

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