Fans slam “confusing" PlayStation Project Q announcement

Fans slam “confusing" PlayStation Project Q announcement
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Joseph Kime


26th May 2023 11:03

PlayStation had a lot to show us in their recent Showcase, and though many of the reveals didn’t land so effortlessly with fans to make the show one of their best, there was plenty to dig up. Alan Wake II gameplay, the return of Solid Snake, that Symbiote suit - there was plenty to love in the show, and though it might not convince anyone to sell their Xbox, it was a fascinating peek at the future of the PlayStation brand.

Surprising practically everyone, though, is PlayStation’s sudden interest in cloud gaming with the reveal of their new handheld accessory, currently named ‘Project Q’. And even though the reveal should have been excited, fans have only met it with confusion.

Players don’t get PlayStation’s Project Q

Fans slam “confusing" PlayStation Project Q announcement
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The reveal of the Project Q handheld system for PlayStation users was short, but less than sweet, as fans don’t actually have a clue what it does.

The product was revealed during the recent PlayStation Showcase as a device that allows players to run through games on their PS5 consoles on the go, via WiFi - but that’s literally all we know about it, with even the title being needlessly kept under wraps.

Fans have been incredibly confused by the actual capabilities of the handheld accessory (named as such as Jim Ryan seemed reluctant to call it a console), with its cloud capabilities being strangely restricted to the games that players have on their consoles.

With the accessory theorised to be making an attempt to challenge Xbox’s cloud offerings on mobile, it doesn’t look to be doing a very good job, especially as it has sacrificed the convenience of being in players’ pockets anyway, as well as restricting players to the titles they have installed on their PS5’s limited hard-drive space.

Fans react to PlayStation’s strange Project Q

Fans have taken to the comments of PlayStation’s Twitter reveal of Project Q along with their new wireless earbuds - and they’re deeply confused.

The confusion isn’t a great look for PlayStation, who have been out of the handheld game for some time now. The Vita, it is not.

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