Fans are playing The Sims inside Tears of the Kingdom

Fans are playing The Sims inside Tears of the Kingdom
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9th Jun 2023 16:15

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been in the hands of players for just about a month now, and if you thought that dedicated players had mastered the game's new mechanics the day after launch, you should see what they're up to now.

There are many players refusing to update the fantasy epic after it was revealed that new updates would remove glitches and cheeses that they've grown accustomed to - and to be fair, many of them are helping players build ridiculous vehicles and monoliths to their genius.

Now, rather than merely building new whips and Korok torture devices, they're also building their own little homes.

TotK fans are building Sims-like homes

I build and remodel houses for a living, so I was pretty excited about this part of the game. Here's what I made
by u/sixwingmildsauce in tearsofthekingdom

Good grief, we're not even playing the same game, are we? In a fantastic video uploaded to the tearsofthekingdom subreddit, user u/sixwingmildsauce has revealed a stunning modern home that they've built in Hyrule in the latest Zelda game.

"I build and remodel houses for a living, so I was pretty excited about this part of the game," says the user, sharing a stunning video of the home they've constructed that features a gorgeous fireplace, a dining area overlooking Hyrule, and a stunning bedroom.

It's genuinely like something pulled straight out of The Sims, and it's a far cry from the slim pickings when it comes to the start of Tears of the Kingdom's housing options. Others were equally impressed. One fan cheered, "Goddamnit now I'm gonna have to redo my whole house and steal this." The OP even included a layout

Another added, "Let's hope Nintendo will expand the building options with a DLC or update," and a third said, "Genuinely one of the best looking ones I've seen. The only downside I can find is that it doesn't have a bow room and a goddess statue room."

The Legend of Zelda has a 'Glitch Bible'

Fans are playing The Sims inside Tears of the Kingdom
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Living out your best interior design fantasy is all well and good, but if builds like these make you feel like you're not exactly living up to your full potential, then there's aid incoming. For those needing extra Rupees, an entire spreadsheet has been made to collate every glitch found in the game.

The collective effort of fans finding exploits is an immeasurably important resource for those aiming to dupe items and get ahead of the curve - you'll just have to make sure you're not updating the game first. Good luck out there, and let us know when you get your build in Good Housekeeping magazine.

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