Fallout: New Vegas dev debunks 13-year-old fan theory

Fallout: New Vegas dev debunks 13-year-old fan theory
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Megan Cooke


14th Oct 2023 17:49

A popular Fallout: New Vegas fan theory about two of the most dangerous areas in the game has been debunked by one of the game’s developers.

Many players have assumed for over a decade that the difficulty of these areas was to prevent them from getting to the titular destination, however it seems this was not the case.

Some very difficult areas in Fallout: New Vegas have been the basis of a fan theory for over a decade

Within Fallout: New Vegas, the ultimate goal is to traverse the post-apocalyptic wasteland and make it to the titular New Vegas location.

Along the way, there are several shortcuts that players can take to get there including the infamous Black Mountain and Quarry Junction paths.

These two locations are challenging enough that a popular fan theory arose, namely that the areas exist to prevent players from rushing straight to the final location.

Some players even thought that Black Mountain and Quarry Junction were glitched and impossible to pass through due to how treacherous they are.

A Fallout: New Vegas developer has debunked the glitch theory

However, this fan theory has been debunked after almost a decade after one of the game's developers responded to a tweet about it.

Twitter user lilteeara, tweeted: “Not sure if this is a glitch but the ‘crouching in black mountain without being detected by super mutants to get to free side at level 1’ move is a tradition in every playthrough at this point.”

Josh Sawyer, the game director of Fallout: New Vegas, responded to this tweet and said: “Not a glitch. When Fallout: New Vegas launched, players thought that Black Mountain and Quarry Junction were there to keep players from getting to The Strip.

“Wrong. They were there for players to Git Gud or Die.”

In a separate tweet, Sayer added: "Same with Scorpion Gulch. You can get through it. You just have to pace yourself and be prepared."

In short, the area was never glitched, player's just needed to get a bit better to beat it.

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