Fallout 4 Just Got A New Ending And 50 Quests

Fallout 4 Just Got A New Ending And 50 Quests

Written by 

Tom Chapman


6th Feb 2023 15:14

By now, we're sure you've probably finished Fallout 4 a fair few times and allowed the nuclear apocalypse to return to the Wasteland it is.

Bethesda has locked us underground in our very own Vault-Tec vault while we wait for even a slither of news on Fallout 5, but in the meantime, modders are having their way with the old guard. Alongside a massive Fallout 2 expansion and ambitious Fallout: LondonFallout 4 is getting some TLC. 

What Is The Fallout 4 Expansion?

Available to download is The Fens Sheriff's Department mod, which is a sequel to 2019's The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story mod. As the name says on the tin, it added a new district known as the Bleachers to Diamond City.

In The Fens Sherrif's Department, we get thousands of fully voiced dialogue lines from 15 "uniquely named" NPCs, over 50 new quests, and a brand-new ending to Fallout 4

Fens Sherrif's Department builds on The Bleachers with a new area that houses two residential districts, a commercial district, and two restaurants if you fancy dining out.

As for the mod's storyline, the paramilitary FSD heads out into the Fens, which is a dangerous territory the Diamond City Security is scared to enter. The Fens Sherrif's Department has "no illusions about what it takes to survive in this world - they are ruthless to their enemies and fiercely loyal to one another." 

The big one here is that the mod gives a new ending to Fallout 4. Although FSD isn't bothered with the Sole Survivor, its actions will have bigger consequences. The description warns, "The FSD will, one way or another, remove any vanilla faction hostile to Diamond City's interests."

What's Going On With The Fallout Franchise?

Sadly, modding is the best we're getting for a while regarding Fallout. There weren't any major announcements of remasters of remakes for the franchise's 25th anniversary, meaning we aren't revisiting New Vegas anytime soon.

Bethesda is definitely working on Fallout 5 for Microsoft, but we're warned it's a long way out. Todd Howard will be focusing on The Elder Scrolls 6 after Starfield, and with the former still lost in the aether, Fallout 5 could still be another generation away.

At least the modding community is keeping the Wasteland alive like a radiated Ghoul. Remembering that The Bleachers was Nexus Mods' mod of the month, there are high hopes that Fens Sherrif's Department will be another great addition to a game that's already eight years old.

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