Massive Fallout 2 Expansion Adds Over 100 New Characters

Massive Fallout 2 Expansion Adds Over 100 New Characters
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16th Jan 2023 11:22

The Fallout series might have made a name for itself as a first-person RPG powerhouse, but most dedicated fans of the series know that this wasn't always the case. Before Bethesda stepped up to the plate to look after it, Fallout was an entirely different kind of game series.

The glory days of the top-down RPG are still franchise favourites for many fans, and the first two mainline titles (along with their spin-offs, both good and completely abysmal) represent an entirely different experience, but still bring to life the desolate wasteland of the Mojave.

But, there's one feature of the game that irks even the dedicated top-down fans - and now, modders are seeking to fix it.

Fallout 2 Adds 100 New Chracters

Massive Fallout 2 Expansion Adds Over 100 New Characters
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Only 13 characters in the iconic Fallout 2 had any actual voice lines, with the game zeroing in on their heads, allowing them to speak to you without relying on regular text alone.

This problem has frustrated many players, given that the game is designed to be incredibly immersive - but modders are taking this problem into their own hands and trying to fix it.

The Talking Heads Addon mod was designed by Goat_Boy in 2022 and is now set to be drastically expanded, with the mod attempting to add over 100 new talking heads to the game.

This is a huge undertaking for just one developer, but it's about to get bigger. The largest gripe with the mod is that while the talking heads appear, there is no voice acting to make it feel natural with the rest of the game.

But, that could be about to change.

New Modder Is Casting For Fallout 2

A new modder, inspired by the work of Goat_Boy, is now casting for a new mod designed to bring those talking heads to life with new voice work. 

"So now we are reaching out to the community finding talent to bring voices to the interactable NPC's of the post-apocalyptic Fallout 2 wasteland," says user Black_Electric. "Between Goat Boy and I, our ultimate goal would be to animate and get voiced every interactable character in Fallout 2.

"This is a monumental task covering around 150 characters and thousands upon thousands of lines of dialogue. While we may not be able to get every single one voiced, we are hoping to cover most of them."

It's a pretty huge undertaking, but when completed, the finished product could breathe some incredible new life into a classic game. Finally, Father Tully speaks.

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