Fallout 4 glitch is stealing people’s babies

Fallout 4 glitch is stealing people’s babies
Images via Bethesda

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Joseph Kime


27th Apr 2023 08:52

It's been some time since the launch of Fallout 4, but it looks like fans aren't willing to let go. There's a lot of love for the 2015 title, which is the most recent Fallout project that didn't get thrown to the dogs with its online capabilities.

Although Fallout 4 isn't perfect for the die-hards who fell in love with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it's hard to deny it's fun is to build a shaky settlement and blast Deathclaws. Yet, it's still a very buggy game...even all these years on. Now, one of those infamous Fallout 4 glitches appears to be something of a crib robber.

Fallout 4 glitch is removing babies

How ominous. A new Fallout 4 glitch has been found, that appears to be zapping the Vault Dweller's son out of existence. It certainly isn't ideal, given how important he is to the story.

We figured that all of the glitches would have been found in the past eight years, but no such luck. It's proved by one Reddit post, showing off a screenshot of Fallout 4, with the default husband character cradling a whole lot of nothing as the player attempts to access Vault 111.

We knew that not getting the characters into the vault would reduce them to ash, but it looks like a worse fate has already befallen the all-important son character. Yes, Shaun has been pulled from existence itself.

Fallout 4 fan spots cute Dogmeat detail

If you're more of a dog person (to be honest, they're probably a better companion in post-apocalypse America than a baby), then there's still plenty in Fallout 4 to be discovered - like one cute detail one Reddit user has found about the companion Dogmeat.

User SleepyMikel discovered that if you give the faithful hound a teddy bear, it won't just be added to its inventory - it'll hold it in its mouth in perhaps the cutest way you can imagine. It's incredibly sweet, and a much-needed respite from a world that can just rapture children when it feels like it. We knew it was tough out there, but that's a bit much.

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